Almost everyone gets attracted to technology a lot, and kids aren’t an exclusion. Most of them are using the iPad and smartphones every day. Kids at the age of 2 to 3 are also getting more addicted to these gadgets than adults. Parents must be mindful in choosing the right app for the toddlers. Unfortunately, the App Store has an infinite number of apps for kids, and picking one seems quite hard. To let kids spend their time on technology efficiently, we have curated some of the best toddler apps for iPad. The upcoming apps are chosen from different categories, like Entertainment, Games, and Education. So let’s see some of the best iPad apps for Toddlers.

12 Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

  • YouTube Kids
  • Cut the Rope
  • PBS Kids Games
  • Elmo Loves ABCs
  • Peekaboo Barn
  • Wood Puzzle
  • Endless Alphabet
  • Super Why
  • DisneyNOW
  • Drawing Pad
  • AniMatch

YouTube Kids

  • Cost Free
  • Category – Entertainment
Youtube kids -Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

YouTube Kids is the safest and one of the best iPad apps, especially for Toddlers. It has content on categories like Kid shows, Music/rhymes, Learning, and more in several languages worldwide. Moreover, it provides entertainment and a safe online experience for the Kids. The parent can have complete control over their kids using YouTube Kids on their iPad.


Cut the Rope

  • Cost – Free (with ads) & starts from $4.99 to play without ads
  • Category – Game (Puzzle)
Cut the rope - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Cut the Rope app is an interesting and mind-bending game for toddlers. As the name goes, the player needs to cut the rope till the candy reached Om Nom (A frog-like game character). Many kids find this game more entertaining and help to increase their IQ level. The app is entirely free to use with ads. For an ad-free version, subscribe to any of its premium plans.


PBS Kids Games

  • Cost Free
  • Category – Education
PBS Games for kids - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

PBS Kids Games has games based on English reading, Math, science, and many more. All games come with animated PBS Kids characters for the gameplay that makes the game even more entertaining. It is one best free iPad apps for toddlers that add new games weekly. These games help you make your kids more creative and enthusiastic.


Elmo Loves ABCs

  • Cost $4.99
  • Category – Education
Elme ABCs - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Elmo Loves ABCs is another best iPad app for toddlers. It helps them with Alphabets like letter identification, letter sounding, and letter tracing. Also, it has art, coloring, creativity, and music content to learn. Apart from that, it entertains the kids with Seasame street videos at the end of each task. The parent can see the progress of their kids and check what they have learned through this app.


Peekaboo Barn

  • Cost $1.99
  • Category – Education
Peekaboo barn -Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

As the name says, Peekaboo Barn is a barn related game. It features games like finding animals by seeing the image or sound. This barn game is available in several languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, German, French, and UK English. You can choose any language for kids to let them play. It is one of the best iPad apps for Toddlers that helps your kids learn several languages too.


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Busy Shape

  • Cost $2.99
  • Category – Education
Busy shapes - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Busy Shapes is another interesting and best iPad apps for toddlers. In this gameplay, the kid needs to identify and fill the holes. The game is all about color and shape. At the end of the game, the kids can clearly understand the shapes and colors. It is all about swipe control, and so it is easy for kid’s quick hands.


Endless Alphabet

  • Cost $8.99
  • Category – Education
Endless alphabets - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

This game has several alphabetically related kinds of stuff. Kids can have unlimited interaction with alphabets via games, listen to rhymes, music, etc. The app helps your toddlers to master alphabets and vocabularies through several interactive puzzle games. The game is more interesting with several animations and sounds that make the kid learn with fun.


Super Why!

  • Cost $3.99
  • Category – Education
super why! - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Super Why is a story mode game that takes your kid on an adventurous journey along with some mini-games and reading based on spelling, reading, letters, phonics, and rhymes. Each game features a Super Why TV series character to host the games. Thus, it is the best toddler apps for iPhone. So, introduce Super Why to your kid for super fun learning.



  • Cost Free (To watch live login with your DisneyNOW subscribed cable TV operator)
  • Category – Entertainment
DisneyNOW - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

DisneyNOW is a kids app for complete entertainment and some games. You can also stream live channels like Disney Channel, Disney Junior, & Disney XD live (this feature is available only in selected countries). Also, kids can watch the latest shows and episodes of all Disney cartoons. For more Child safe viewing experience, you can set the profile to Disney Junior Mode.


  • Cost Free (with limited features) and $9.99 (full access)
  • Category – Education -Best iPad Apps for Toddlers is a dedicated kids education application designed for the iPad. It provides kids with activities on various levels, including reading, math, science, art, music, and many more. is known to deliver proven results. Upon spending 45 minutes of a week on the app, kids will improve their reading skills. It has interactive Zoos and farms that provide a virtual experience for the kids to identify and know about animals.


Drawing Pad

  • Cost $5.99
  • Category – Entertainment
Drawing pad -Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

The Drawing Pad app helps you bring the artist inside your kids. It lets them draw by watching a video in the beginning. It has multiple tools like pencil, brush, shape, and many more for a perfect illustration. You can also have a coloring book by purchasing the subscription plan. The app is specially designed for kids using the iPad.



  • Cost $0.99
  • Category – Games
Animatch - Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Animatch is one of the best engaging iPad apps for toddlers. Kids will find it easy to use and navigate with the big buttons. Animatch is a puzzle game with an animated animal face. The game is all about matching the sound of the animals. It helps in increasing the cognitive skills, memory, concentration, and IQ level of the kids. With this game, toddlers will know about nearly 31 different animals, and the list gets updated periodically.



These are all our hand-curated list of best iPad apps for Toddlers. You can choose any of them that fits your child’s needs. Let us know what you have chosen in the comment section below. For more interesting tech articles, explore the site.