Nintendo Switch consoles are the best handheld gaming consoles. But when it comes to streaming apps, only a few options are there. Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo Switch doesn’t support most of the streaming apps. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will definitely need the Amazon Prime Video app on your Nintendo Switch. In this article, we will explore all the possible ways to access Amazon Prime on Switch consoles.

Nintendo eShop

Like the Play Store and App Store, Nintendo consoles have Nintendo eShop to download apps and games. As of now, Amazon Prime Video is not listed on the eShop. So, you can’t install the Amazon Prime Video app from the eShop.

Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch

In the Streaming apps category, Nintendo eShop has only YouTube and Hulu. Other popular streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max are not available. Maybe in the future days, we can expect these apps for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Amazon Prime Video URL

Amazon Prime Video can also be viewed from the URL instead of the app. But most of the Nintendo consoles will have pre-settings not to allow specific URLs. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video is one of them. Still, you can try to access the Prime Video using its URL.

If you can’t access the URL, then there is no way to use Prime Video on Nintendo consoles. To break the pre-settings, you need to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch. Just for a single app, jailbreaking your device is not the wisest choice.

Amazon Prime and Nintendo Switch Online

Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch

Though the Prime Video app is not available for Switch consoles, Amazon Prime users will have an extra benefit. Nintendo offers s subscription – Nintendo Online at $19.99 for one year. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can get the one year Nintendo Switch Online for free. The offer is valid up to September 24, 2019.

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Final Thoughts

As of this writing, both the Prime Video app and website can’t be accessed on Nintendo Switch consoles. The only way you will benefit from the Amazon Prime subscription is the one-year free access to Nintendo Online. Now that the offer is expired, there are no additional benefits. Wait until the Prime Video is released for Nintendo