VIZIO Smart TV users have great news. If you are an Apple user, the chances are higher that you may have an Apple TV+ subscription. From Sep 2020, you can access the Apple TV app on your VIZIO Smart TV. In the SmartCast TV, the apps will be available on the VIZIO App Store. All you need is to get to the specific app from the Apps menu.

If you are a VIA Smart TV user, you are out of luck. You can’t install the Apple TV app on any VIA TV models. With the new update for VIZIO Smart TV, you will Apple TV app along with new features and customization option.

How To Get Apple TV on VIZIO Smart TV

Step-1: Take the VIZIO TV remote and press the VIA button twice.

Step-2: This will direct you to the Apps Window.

Step-3: Open the All Apps tab in the Apps Window.

Step-4: The list of available apps appears on the screen.

Step-5: From the list, select the Apple TV app.

Apple TV+

Step-6: Long press on the OK button until the app added notification appears on the screen.

Step-7: Now, the Apple TV app gets added to your VIZIO TV.

Step-8: Open the Apple TV app and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step-9: Stream your favorite content on your VIZIO Smart TV.

Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

With the Apple TV app, you can get access to all the Apple Originals, Apple TV channels, and buy or rent video titles.

How To Airplay Apple TV on VIZIO Smart TV

The latest update from the VIZIO TV has AirPlay and Apple HomeKit support. With that, you can AirPlay any media file from your iPhone or iPad to the VIZIO Smart TV.

Step-1: Connect your Vizio Smart TV and iOS device to the same WiFi connection.

Step-2: Now, open Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step-3: Play any video from the Apple TV app.

Apple TV app

Step-4: Now, on the playback screen, tap the AirPlay icon.

AirPlay icon

Step-5: On the list of devices, tap the VIZIO Smart TV device.

Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

Step-6: The video title will appear on your VIZIO Smart TV.


With this, you can stream Apple TV content on your VIZIO Smart TV. Subscribe to Apple TV+ and access all the Apple Originals on your VIZIO TV. If you have any doubts about the Apple TV+, let us know in the comments below.