An emulator is a virtual environment in which you can use any operating system with the existing system configuration. Like said there are hundreds and thousands of emulators are available for almost all operating systems available in the market. Using these emulators you can play games, use apps and tools that are available exclusively for those OS. We are here to lighten your burden by picking up the 10 best Android emulators available for Windows.

Best Android Emulators for Windows

Here some of the best android emulators for Windows

  • Bluestacks
  • Gameloop
  • NoxPlayer
  • Remix OS Player
  • GenyMotion
  • MEmu Player
  • LD Player
  • KoPlayer
  • AndyOS
  • Droid4X


Bluestacks is one of the most popularly used Android emulators for Windows. You can almost use all your Android app and games in it. They are most known because of its performance. It has well known for its most amazing and exclusive features like Keymapping, multi-instance, Macros, Farm mode, real-time translation, High FPS, and many more. Having Bluestacks is like having an Android smartphone on your laptop.


You can download games and apps from the play store or Samsung galaxy store (Newly introduced in partnership with Samsung). When it comes to gaming you can have access to almost every android game on it. With multi-instance, you can play more than one game at a time. Keymapping helps to modify and change control on both keyboard and mouse and real-time help in translate in-game other languages to English. They are completely free to use.

Bluestacks - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android Version: Android 7.1.2 (Bluestacks 4 64-bit Beta)

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Gameloop is one of the best Android emulators developed Tencent for Windows which was first named as Tencent Gaming buddy and changed to Gameloop. It was exclusively developed by Tencent for users who want an amazing desktop mobile gaming experience. It can be used to play almost every high-end games available on Android with ease.


Initially, it was launched only for PUBG mobile and later extended as a Complete emulator. They support Google play store from which you can download all your games and app for usage. If you are looking for the best emulator especially for mobile gameplay then Gameloop is what you need to choose because they are specially designed for the users to have a good gaming experience. They are completely free for all users.

gameloop - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Built-in version Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) and can be upgraded to 7.1.2 (Nougat)

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If you are looking for an Android emulator for windows for both gaming and other app usages then here come the NoxPlayer. It is provided with tons of features and preloaded function which make easy to do all our task just by a click. You can download games and apps from the Google play store. It has a smooth UI and provides fast and optimized performance.


It has features like Multi-instance, Keymapping, and macros which gives us a real PC like gaming experience. When it comes to rooting Android emulator NoxPlayer has one of the easiest ways to root just by turn the toggle on. Also they available for free on its official site for both Windows and macOS devices.

noxplaye - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Default Android 4.0 and can be upgraded till 7.1.2 through Emulation mode in NoxPlayer Multi drive.

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RemixOS Player

Remix OS player is a virtual Android OS that can be installed and used in your device. It provides you a full-screen Android experience in PC. Like all emulators, they also have features like keymapping, google play support, and multi-instance in it.

remix os player

They also have manual settings to maintain and stabilize your emulator’s battery, storage, location, network type management, and signal strength. Among all Emulator, it gives stable performance than any computer in which you get your hands on. It was available free for all its users on its official site.

remix os - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

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GenyMotion is not an emulator like Bluestacks and NoxPlayer but it has some features like it. It is used as an emulator to work with some simple android apps. It does not support high-end games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc. They can be integrated with your Android studio to run and execute your app on multiple Android versions with ease. You can use GenyMotion to test your android app on various criteria like th


e performance of the app on different battery levels, different network interruption, multitouch, and many more. It was also available as a Cloud-based version and also for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It cost about $136 per year with a free cloud trail for 60 minutes.

genymotion - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Support Android 4.1 to latest Android 10 (Pie)

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MEmu player

MEmu Player is an Android emulator for windows that has every feature that every emulator has and ever more add to it. They provide an outstanding performance which allows you to play any Android game on PC with great graphics and refresh rate. It also has multiple instances that allow you to run the same game with multiple accounts.

MEmu player

It runs super smooth on almost all devices with medium level configuration devices. MEmu enables you to use different versions of Android on different windows at the same time. It supports only for Windows and comes free of cost for all users from its official site.

memu player - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Default Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) and also work with previous Android version like 4.0 and 5.0

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LD player

LD player is an Android emulator that is good for gaming but also can use all other apps available on Android. Moreover, it is the latest emulator in the market specially optimized for better mobile gaming on PC. As they are new to the market it may have some bugs. But it works well on both Intel and AMD powered systems.

LD player

It has it owns App store which has all its supported games and apps called the LD store which comes as in-built in the app. It also has features like custom control, High FPS, multi-instance & sync, and Macros. They are available for free to all users.

LD player - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: It has two versions LD player 3.0 with Android 5.1 and LD player 4.0 with Android 7.1

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Koplayer is an Android emulator that gives you the look and feel as same as Bluestacks. It has a smooth interface and powerful performance on all devices. Koplayer provides you full access to the play store. It almost has all the features that are available on other Android emulators.

Ko player

They also have an in-built video recording feature which enables you to record your gameplay. You can play and work with all the app that is available for Android on your PC. They are available for both Windows and macOS. Also, they are completely free on their official site.

Ko player - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

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AndyOS is an Android emulator that gives you Android mobile user experience. In AndyOS, you can use your phone and the controller and run the game on your desktop. It has multi-touch support, ARMS Support, keyboard mapper, and many more feature in it. AndyOS has an interface that looks like an exact carbon copy of an android device.

Andy OS

It also has a google play store from which you can download all your apps and games on your PC. Also in AndyOS, you can use the system local storage as your memory and it does not create a memory space within the AndyOS. They are available free for Windows and macOS.

AndyOS -Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android versions: Android 2.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0

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Droid4X is an Android emulator that enables you to play mobile games and apps on your PC. They are not as powerful as other emulators but it worth giving a try. If you are a developer then you can test under different test cases in it.


To download the app, it provides you an in-built downloader to download and install the app. It has a lightweight emulator app. They don’t have many features but have enough features to run mobile applications. They are available for both Windows and macOS devices free on its official site.

Droid4X - Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android version: Android 4.2 (Jelly beans)

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So these are some of the best android emulators available for Windows. If you are a developer rather than external emulators you can make use of Android Virtual Devices which are available within the Android studio can be used. Because they can everything and even more than any other emulators can do. Also, the above-mentioned emulators listed in no particular order so you can use any emulator that fits your system requirements.

Let us know if we missed any emulator that you use in the comment section below and explore the site for more tech articles.