iPhone and iPad are less likely to fall for a virus or malware attack. But still, with plenty of technologies revolving around, we can’t assure that our phones are safe without an antivirus. Nowadays, Antivirus is not only used to protect your phone from the virus but also from malware attacks and to protect your identity as well. iPhone and iPad are the best-secured devices available in the world but still installing the best Antivirus apps in added security. Here are the best Antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone/iPad

Here are the best antivirus apps for your iPhone and ipad which you can give a try:

  1. Avira Mobile Security
  2. McAfee Mobile Security
  3. Norton
  4. Phone Guardian
  5. Lookout Personal for IOS
  6. Kaspersky Security Cloud for IOS
  7. Avast
  8. F-secure Safe
  9. Trend Mobile Security
  10. Fyde Mobile security
  11. Zone Alarm Mobile security

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Avira Mobile Security

A German company with various products in the market available for more than 30 years. This is one of the best antivirus apps for the iPhone and iPad. Moreover, Avira is definitely one of the reliable apps. It is a credible application with salient features. This offers both free and premium packages.

  • Avira antivirus pro – $44.99/device, $57.99/3 devices, $70.99/5 devices.
  • Internet security suite – $57.99/device, $70.99/3 devices, $83.99/5 devices.
  • Prime – $99.99/5 devices.
Avira Mobile Security - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1. USB virus scan, real-time antivirus scanning. And then auto-scan and manual feature, registry check, schedule scan.
2. Antispyware, anti-trojan, antiphishing, antiworm, anti-rootkit, ad protection.
3. Ransomware and phishing detection.
4. VPN, device tune-up, gamer mode, personal firewall, parental controls, etc.
5. Easy to use with nice UI.
6. Top-notch security features.
1. No major difference between free and premium package.
2. Require separate installation of each tools.
3. Browser protection is not up to the mark.
Download Avira Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

This is indeed another best antivirus app for iOS devices. This provides more features in the free version itself. In the paid version, you can get added protection. Moreover, the app comes with an anti-theft feature. You can connect it with your Apple watch as well. The setup process is so simple and the UI is so intuitive.

  • $2.99/month or $29.99/year
  • For 10 devices $59.99/year
  • VPN service included with extra $9.99/month and $79.99/year
McAfee Mobile Security - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
Features Free version
1. Anti-theft – To safeguard your phone from being stolen.
2. Memory booster – clears your RAM
3. My watch – To connect your Apple watch.
4. Privacy check – to prevent you from tracking down
5. Safe WiFi – to prevent hackers and other malware
6. Storage cleaner – reminds you to keep your storage free
Paid version
1. App lock – private app lock for you applications
2. Guest mode – You can create a guest account and set access to apps that the account can use
3. VPN – helps you stay anonymous
1. Ads are the most annoying while using free version.
2. Premium features are quite expensive.
3. Malware protection is not up to the score.
Download McAfee Mobile Security


This particular app is considered the best with excellent features. Norton is considered as the single solution that covers all your privacy and digital security in every aspect. Unfortunately, this app is not a free one. But you can get 60 days trial period. The eight window feature allows you to use the app for 8 devices includes your computer, tablets, and phone.

  • $6/month or $60/year for antivirus plus.
  • Norton 360 standard along with VPN costs $80/year or $8/month.
  • Deluxe $10/month and $100/year for 5 devices.
  • Norton 360 Premium at $115/year.
  • Norton 360 Platinum $140/year.
  • Lifelock $15/month and $150/year, Advantage covers $25/month and $250/year, Unlimited advantage $35/month and $350/year
 Norton - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1) Prevents malware, phishing attacks, email attachment scanning, spam, etc.
2) Safe web browsing extensions
3) Two-way firewall, unlimited password manager, and file-up program.
4) Secured and unlimited VPN
5) Parental controls
6) Identity-theft protection
7) Backup storage, online storage, webcam protection, and password manager.
8) Background performance impact is considerably low.
1) No file shredder or encryption tool even in
high cost package, a true
hardened browser or file roll-back.
2) Slowdowns during scans.
3) Simply no prevention for ransomware attacks.
4) Expensive compared to other software.
Download Norton

4. Phone Guardian

This is another easy to use mobile software which protects your internet traffic. It also protects your identity and personal information. Moreover, it uses a VPN to make sure that your phone data are safe. Other than that, if you are looking for a complete anti-virus and other protection this is not your go.

  • Completely free with no subscription or other charges.
Phone Guardian - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1) VPN will protect your outbound data. It will help you to stay anonymous.
2) Likewise, it does prevents all your apps to track your data. It provides info about apps regularly. So you can know which apps are prone to danger.
3) Protection from public WiFi. And thereby removes malware and viruses.
1) No other features and prevention.
Download Phone Guardian

Lookout Personal for IOS

It is also one of the best antivirus apps for the iPhone and iPad. This application is available only for iOS devices. Lookout is not the best but a reasonable and decent option. The app has both free and premium versions. The setup is easier and it is available to download for your Apple Watch as well.

  • $2.99/month and $29.99/month.
  • Premium plus at $9.99/month and $99.99/month.
Lookout Personal for IOS - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
FeaturesFree plan
1) Malware detection
2) Find my phone – An anti-theft feature
that records the phone’s last location.
3) System Adviser – ensures the proper functioning of iOS
1) Breach Report – App breaches and the news feed listing breaches
2) Privacy Adviser – Prevent your from being tracked
3) Safe browsing
4) Safe WiFi
5) Anti-theft protection
Premium plus
1) Identity restoration and insurance – $1 million (though not so reliable)
2) Identity theft protection
1) Free features are so minimal and the app is also heavy.
2) No tech support
Download Lookout Personal for IOS

Kaspersky Security Cloud for iOS

This is another latest version of Kaspersky’s security. Kaspersky uses a tiled interface with 8 various options. It remains at the top of other antivirus apps. The application is available for a reasonable rate and also provides a top-notch performance as well. The new version has plenty of features that protect your iOS devices.

  • Personal for 3 devices $90/year
  • For 5 devices, $100/year
  • Family Plan for 20 devices $150/year
Kaspersky Security Cloud for IOS - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1) Manual and automated scan
2) Brower Protection
3) Malware Protection
4) Phishing protection
5) Ransomware Protection
6) Browsing and internet protection
7) Clean and optimize the storage
8) Top-notch protection with aspiring features.
1) Password manager and VPN services are not so attractive.
2) Frequent notification and alerts.
3) Not customizable
Download Kaspersky Security Cloud for IOS


Avast is available as a mobile app and free to download on your iOS. It comes with powerful tools and features. With various features and malware protection, this is one of the most popular apps. It is available both for free and a premium version.

  • Pro tire $1.29/month and $24.99/year
  • Along with VPN $6.99/month and $39.99/year
  • Secure line VPN $59.99/year
  • Ultimate plan $119.99/year
Avast - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
Features – Free version
1) Anti-theft
2) Call blocker
3) Photo vault
4) WiFi security
5) App insights
6) Firewall
1) Anti-theft advanced
2) App lock
3) VPN
1) Call blocking doesn’t work
2) The anti-theft setup process is too tedious.
3) Web Interface is quite confusing
Download Avast

F-secure Safe

This is another best antivirus app for iOS devices that is high-performing. The F-secure safe interface is so clean and clear. This app does offer various phenomenal functions. Unfortunately, there is no free version. But still, we get a 30-day free trial.

  • $49.99/device/year
  • $69.99/3 devices/year
  • $149.99/10 devices/year
F-secure Safe - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
Pros Cons
1) Antivirus and Anti-ransomware
2) Up to date security features
3) Content and sites filtering
4) Manual and auto scan features
5) Parental Control
6) Firewall Protection
7) Web interface and protection
8) High-level protection with easy to use UI
9) Speedy performance
1) Competitively very less features
2) So vulnerable and limited online management
3) Slows down mobile functions
Download F-secure Safe

Trend Mobile Security

It is full visibility and mobile security management application. This is a popular mobile security application designed for both commercial and personal uses. The app comes with enormous customizable features. The app doesn’t provide any free version. Not the best but still a reliable application. As it lacks various features.

  • Trend Micro Antivirus + security – $40/device/year
  • Internet security – $80/3 devices/year
  • Trend Micro Maximum security – $90/5 devices/year and $100/10devices/year
  • Mobile security – $29.99/device/year for IOS it’s free.
  • Password manager $14.45/device/year
Trend Mobile Security - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1) Virus protection
2) Privacy protection.
3) Scanning
4) Parental Control
5) Password manager
6) Backup storage
7) Anti-theft management
8) File shredder
9) Anti-phishing
10) Secure Browsing
1) No VPN or unlimited device plan
2) Offers less service than any other apps.
Download Trend Mobile Security

Fyde Mobile security

This is yet another best antivirus apps for the iPhone and iPad. Fyde can prevent your various types of data loss like personal info, credentials, and banking details from various hackers. It doesn’t note your personal data as well. You will be fully secured with this application.

  • No subscription or premium packages for individuals.
  • For enterprises
    • Start-up team up to 5 members – $10/month 1 access proxy, 5 resources
    • Up to 250 members – 3 access proxy – $9/month per user 3 access proxies and 150 resources
Fyde Mobile security - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
1) Identity protection
2) 100% privacy protection
3) Continuous protection
4) Real-time alerts and automated notifications
5) Preserve battery standby
6) VPN
7) Web threat management
1) No password management
Download Fyde Mobile security

Zone Alarm Mobile security

Zone Alarm Mobile security comes as a package of various features and functions. This app particularly offers you the three lines of defense. The app is free to download but not completely free. The packages include extreme security, Pro antivirus, firewall, etc.

  • For 1 device $29.95/year and $54.95/2 years
  • $39.95/year and $74.95/2 years for 3 devices
  • 5 devices license at $44.95/year and $84.95/2 years
  • 10 devices license at $79.95/year and $149.95/2 years
  • 25 devices license at $179.95/year and $339.95/2 years
  • 50 devices license at $329.95/year and $619.95/2 years
Zone Alarm Mobile security - Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone or iPad
Zone Alarm Mobile security
First Line of defense
1) Antivirus protection.
2) Anti-ransomware.
3) Zero-day attack protection – Protects from new and unknown attacks.
4) Microphone misuse – intimates
Second Line of defense
1) Anti-phishing
2) Safe Browsing
3) WiFi Network safety
4) Ant-bot – Prevents various files and credentials from stolen
Third Line of defense
1) Device shield – enhance privacy and safety.
2) Break alert – Alerts when OS is broken through
1) Sometimes the app freezes.
2) Random failures in scanning.
Download Zone Alarm Mobile security

The above is the best Antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad which you can give a try. Apart from regular antivirus apps, we have also mentioned a few apps that are available especially for iOS devices. Did we miss your favorite app? Mention it in the comment section below.