These days smartphone with App lock is mandatory to protect the mobile devices from the intruders. As the device may contain sensitive data, we need to safeguard it to keep the data more secure. Then comes these app lock apps that help to lock the applications, whichever you find to be important and wish to keep private. With this, you don’t need to worry about giving your phone to anyone to make calls or access photos. As the Android devices don’t have a built-in application lock to protect the phone, you need to install one from the PlayStore. It is essential to pick the right app locker to keep your private data secured. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, you should get into this article to know the best App Locks for Android devices.

Best App Locks for Android

Here we have listed out the best app lockers for Android smartphones and tablets.

LOCX App Lock

LocX App lock

LOCX App lock is one of the best App Locks for Android devices. It will let the users lock applications, private photos, secret videos, text messages, and much more. This application locks all these in the safest and customized way. The brilliant lock protection feature allows the users to secure Android and guard all their privacy. The Lock app is customizable and has wallpapers that bring more choices to choose the passcode. The users can also hide and encrypt personal images and keep other personals locked behind patterns or PIN pads in the photo vault. This App lock is faster and lightweight, so it doesn’t take a lot of space on the phone.

Smart AppLock Pro

Smart App lock pro best App Locks for Android

Smart AppLock Pro is lightweight as well as easy on resources and comes with a beautiful interface. It allows locking apps, private data, incoming calls, and settings. This offers various options to protect privacy. The users can choose a pin, pattern, password, gesture, or fingerprint to lock their devices. This wonderful application takes a picture of the intruder who tries to unlock the phone. It will send the pictures to the registered email address. It lets the users change the icon to disguise Applock to a Secret dialer. Overall, Smart AppLock is one of the best App locks for Android devices.

Norton App lock

Norton App lock - best App Locks for Android

Norton App Lock is yet another best App Locks for Android devices as it doesn’t contain any ads. This is an ad-free Android app locker used to secure data on phones. It also enables to keep the app content private. So that the users can share the Android device with kids. It also provides options to block all or also follow recommendations to lock specific apps. This also enables to protects photos and videos from intruders by locking them in a vault. Norton app protects personal, financial, and confidential data by adding a layer of security. The users can use either a password, PIN, or pattern to lock the screen and secure the applications. This app also provides features for safeguarding the photos and preventing the uninstallation of the app.

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CM Locker

CM locker best App Locks for Android

CM Locker is another best App lock for Android devices. This application is specially designed for performing various functions. It not only protects the device from the intruder also from viruses and other infections. Isn’t this amazing? This beautiful application allows the users to set themes as how they wish. The users can also change the color of the background using this application. It secures the phone by providing the feature for locking the screen. The feature includes locking with pin, password, and fingerprint lock. It also locks the application and hides personal information such as videos and photos. Furthermore, it clicks pictures of the intruders who enter the wrong password and sends the information to your email id.

Max Lock

Max Lock

Max Lock is an open-source application lock for Android users. The amazing thing about this application is it is free of cost. It supports Marshmallow and later as well. This also comes with user customization options. Furthermore, this app uses a battery and performance-friendly even recognition method. The application has a simple yet user-friendly interface that is fast, lightweight, and utilizes battery-friendly. It also has a remarkable feature that doesn’t have bloatware, so it doesn’t invade phone memory. This also won’t cause any malfunction to other apps. It has multiple locking options such as Password protection, pin protection, pattern lock, fingerprint lock, and knock code. Overall it is one of the amazing App locks for Android devices.

KeepSafe App Lock

Keep safe app lock best App Locks for Android

Keep safe App lock is one excellent app lock that allows users to share private photos. It also controls how long the recipient can view the photo. The users can create and share albums with their special ones. It offers to lock using a pin, pattern, or fingerprint. This application is completely ad-free. It can lock any application and manages the gallery according to preference. This will also take photos of the intruders and provides break-ins. Overall it is the best app lock for Android devices.

Knock Lock

Knock lock

Knock Lock is a fantastic application for Android devices. It does have an exclusive feature to lock the phone. And the method of locking the phone using this application is also very easy that the user just has to knock-knock and set a pattern to unlock it. This application prevents accidental calling. It also does prevents the butt from calling or dialing. The lock screen has a custom date and time format with HD wallpapers. Furthermore, no one will be able to guess what you do to open the screen as it is fully invisible. It consumes only a very little memory and battery. This is a very simple-to-use and clean app. You don’t have to worry about using this app, as it is 100% safe and secure. It does highly secures the lock screens.

Finger Security

Finger security

Finger Security is another best App lock for Android devices. It helps the users to protect the applications with just the fingerprint. This application has so many options to set timeouts to allow a short switch between the apps. The users can use alternative passwords or pin codes to unlock apps when the fingerprint is not recognized. It also lets them use their favorite image as a background. This detects intruders by taking a picture of them and will share the same to mail. It automatically protects any new apps.

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Perfect AppLock

Perfect App lock best App Locks for Android

Perfect Applock is also another best app lock for Android. It provides an option to choose from a pin, pattern, or gesture. The new feature Watchdog clicks the picture of the intruder after three unsuccessful attempts. It does have a screen filter support which effectively manages the screen brightness of individual apps. This has rotational lock support that prevents unwanted screen rotations on each app. It uses only minimum resources and displays fake error messages when you launch any lock apps.

Therefore these are some of the best App locks for Android devices. You can choose anything that seems interesting and useful to you. For any queries, you shall drop us a comment below.