CCleaner is the most popular cleaning up tool used. It is a utility software developed by Piriform. Primarily, it was developed only for Windows, and later came the MacOS version. CCleaner is also available for Android and iOS devices. It will help to clean your system or mobile and removes junk files as well. It clears all your cache, cookies, online history, and frees up space. Moreover, this is free software but also has a premium service. Though, it is widely used one it has its own limitations. Like every other software, there are plenty of alternatives for the CCleaner. If you are looking for a different app, then here are the best CCleaner alternatives which you can give a try.

Best CCleaner Alternatives

The following are the few best CCleaner alternatives that are reliable and performs better than other cleaner apps.

  1. Advanced System Optimizer
  2. Glary Utilities
  3. BleachBit
  4. Clean Master for PC
  5. Clean My PC
  6. System Mechanic
  7. Advanced System Care
  8. System Ninja
  9. Avast cleanup
  10. KCleaner

*Here are the top 10 alternatives and for additional apps, scroll down to the bottom.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System is one of the best alternatives for CCleaner. The name stands for itself as it optimizes the system. The capability of this application can improve the overall performance of your PC. You can download the application for free but a pro version is required to access the complete features.

Advances System Optimizer - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Advances System Optimizer
1. System Cleaner – To free up space
2. Driver Updates –
Check for updates and do
3. System security –
Defend your PC from viruses, ads, etc.
4. Disk Optimizer
– Run disk defragmentation
5. Friendly UI
6. If not satisfied 60-day money-back guarantee.
1. There is no live chat support.
2. It does cost a lot. Expensive for actually what it gives.

Glary Utilities

Glary utilities positioned themselves as the utility software that would take care of the Every minute problem of your PC. Moreover, this software helps you to refrain from various troubleshoot issues like Restart, etc. It cost $39.99/year.

Glary Utilities - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Glary Utilities
1. Act as a single solution for PC issues.
2. Fixes PC crashes immediately
3. Refrain freezing, and errors.
4. Increases speed.
5. One-click automated functioning.
6. Makes the computer more secure.
7. It is compatibles with any OS.
8. 20+ premium tools to improve performance with 90 days payback guarantee.
1. The subscription only give you 3 licenses. So you cannot it use on more PC.
2. Doesn’t increase Internet speed.
3. It will take time for beginners to understand the UI.


BleachBit is an open-source and cross-platform utility software. It is mainly launched as junk cleaner software. It is the oldest program. Moreover, BleachBit is completely free. Though it is the powerful utility it is not as much as Ccleaner.

BleachBit - Best CCleaner Alternatives
1. PC Cleaner – You can choose files and it will take care
2. File shredder – Wipe every file
3. Customization – You can customize the UI
4. Scheduled PC cleaning
5. Automatic PC cleaning
6. Registry cleaning
7. 100% Free
8. Open source and Lightweight
1. Not so user Friendly. Beginners may take time
2. Lacks few features

Clean Master for PC

This is another one of the best alternatives for CCleaner. Clean Master is a powerful junk-cleaning software. It does act as Anti-virus for your PC as well. This program can run safety scanning regularly. This application has both a free and a paid version. The 3-month paid version costs 15.9$ while 1 year and 2-year plans cost 29.9$ and 49.9$ respectively.

Clean Master for PC - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Clean Master for PC
1. Junk file cleaner – Cleans completely
2. Improve speed by boosting
3. Prevents Overheating
4. Prevent unnecessary RAM usage
5. SD card scanner, App lock
6. A perfect security guard with mind-blowing UI
7. Can even set reminders
1. Privacy and Security Threat as it track users.
2. The user has to be careful as it will delete important files as well


Clean my PC is one of the best alternatives for CCleaner. This particular software is so intuitive and the UI very simple to use. There are 8 distinct and professional tools to improve your PC performance. Moreover, you can get a free version as well. It offers plenty of plans and a 1-time purchase for a single PC is around 39.95$

Clean My PC - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Clean My PC
1. Deep Cleaning tools
2. Registry maintenance – To get rid of unwanted registry entries.
3. Uninstaller – To find and uninstall apps
4. Hibernation – To clear up disk space
5. In Extensions – To clear all unnecessary ones
6. Autorun – Will increase start-up time
7. In Privacy – Prevents from tracking you
8. Shredder – Securely erase sensitive information
9. Effective, lightweight, intuitive, recover a large amount of data
10. Simple user interface and robust customer support
1. No backup tool
2. You cannot get the list of things to be removed with details. So beginners can find it tough to learn.
3. Continuous alerts will frustrate you.

System Mechanic

System Mechanic is yet another tune-up utility for your PC. It improves your PC performance by defragging the hard disk, erasing the junk files, etc. System Mechanic does a detailed scan and the scheduling program is much more appreciable. It costs $49.95/year. You can get a free version.

System Mechanic - Best CCleaner Alternatives
System Mechanic
1. PC accelerator – Improve OS and internet speed efficiently.
2. PC Cleaner – Clear all the unwanted junk files.
3. PC Repair – Clears unwanted junk files.
4. PC security – Of course ad and track prevention
5. Other tools like SSD Accelerator, drive medic, registry tuner, memory mechanic, start-up manager, uninstaller, energy booster, etc.
6. Once click detailed scan. Unlimited license.
7. Free to download and good for both beginners and advanced users.
1. Some exclusive features comes under paid version.
2. It will dominate your RAM.
3. Net booster is still not so intuitive and the license holds good for a year.

Advanced System Care

IObit Advanced SystemCare joins the list of Best alternatives for CCleaner. It is a powerful system optimization tool. Advanced system care lets you know about current RAM usage and free space through a widget. It adds real-time optimization and improves the quality of RAM performance.

 Advanced System Care - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Advanced System Care
1. Speed up – Turbo boost, hardware accelerator, deep optimization, tool, or app clean up.
2. Protect – Face ID, real-time protection, home page protection, anti-tracking, privacy shield, ad removal.
3. Software Updater – Find and provide updating details.
4. Tools – Disk cleaner, auto shutdown, file manager, recovery, undo, smart RAM utilization, etc.
5. Care – Junk files cleaner, vulnerability fix, registry clean, internet boost, and system optimization.
6. Simple and modern UI, Quick and customizable, handy tools
7. Affordable with no unnecessary extras
1. Response is very slow sometimes like file shredder.
2. Require separate downloads of few tools i.e installation limitations.
3. Up sells pro version.

System Ninja

System Ninja is yet another powerful tool for system optimization. This particular software’s GUI is very user-friendly, intuitive. It is a free junk cleaning software. This software is specifically designed for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

System Ninja - Best CCleaner Alternatives
System Ninja
1. Junk Cleaner – deletes Windows temporary files, caches, cookies, logs, and tags. Complete wipe.
2. System Tools – This includes various features like start-up manager, app installer and uninstaller, process manager, etc.
3. PC Analysis – check all your hardware, processor, motherboard, and software for the saved registry.
4. Options – gives various other features and it is a multilingual program Brazilian. French, Dutch, Chines. German, Russian and Spanish.
5. Clean and perfect USer interface. Expandable using plugins.
6. Perfectly boost the speed.
1. You don’t have any back up options. So you got to be careful while removing or deleting files.
2. Not provide sufficient support to startup
3. Basic tools that are already available in Windows.

Avast cleanup

The next interesting software that comes in the list of Best CCleaner alternatives is Avast cleanup. It helps your computer to run smoothly and quickly. Moreover, it costs $59.99/1 PC license and a $69.99/5 PC license. A bit overpriced but still you will get its worth.

Avast cleanup - Best CCleaner Alternatives
Avast cleanup
1. Disk Cleaner – cleans all the traces and trashes of uninstalled apps.
2. Registry cleaner – It does clear all the unwanted entries.
3. Browser cleaner – clear all the cookies and caches and histories.
4. Sleep mode – this will stop all background runnings apps
5. Shortcut cleaner – clears unnecessary shortcuts
6. Bloatware removal – unnecessary ads and toolbars installed along with software
7. Automatic maintenance and updates
8. Tune dashboards and action center
9. Nice UI and Easy to use
10. It is able to fix computer problems
1. As said earlier, a bit over priced.
2. It lacks various customization options.


It is free and available for all Windows versions. KCleaner is another the best alternative of CCleaner. It does come with an automatic cleaning mode. And runs in the background to monitor and boos the performance of the PC. Moreover, the GUI is very intuitive and you can customize it according to your convenience.

KCleaner - Best CCleaner Alternatives
1. Manual and Automatic cleaning mode that clears all the junks, caches, and cookies.
2. Post-processing action support will help you with instructions for restart or shut down.
3. It does provide all the history in a notepad.
4. Simulation mode – provides the list of items to be cleared with details.
5. Customize the scan – you can customize the scanning process and schedule it accordingly.
6. Easy to use interface and easy-to-trigger deletion.
7. Permanent data wipeout.
1. This does only offfer basic features. There are lot more features need to be added.
2. No backup of deleted files.
3. Basic mode and professional mode are bit confusing.

Other Best CCleaner Alternatives

Winzip System utilities suitePrice – $39.95
20 different utilities – clean junks, defrags hard disk, optimize performance. Easy UI
Costly and doesn’t support few Windows version.
Puran utilityFree to download
Disk check, uninstaller, startup manager, splitter, maintenance wizard.
Not enough tools. A threat to privacy sometimes.
Wise care 365Cost $30.95/year
PC cleaning and speed up tool, real-time protection, powerful system and hardware monitoring, ultimate computer privacy.
Free version very limited. It won’t support and process RAM.
Malware bytesCost $39.95/year
Complete PC scan, RAM only quick checks, New easy to use interface, anti-exploit module and anti-virus tools.
The detection rates are not up to the mark. Testing results not so independent.
AVG tuneupCost $49.99/ year
Easy to use, automatic maintenance and updates, remote device management, fix various issues.
Over priced
False positives and results are not so satisfactory.
JV 16 Power toolsCost $29.95/year
Cleaning and speed up tool, History and duplicate file cleaner, easy to use, Startup support.
No free version only trial period.

The above are the best CCleaner alternatives which you can give a try. You can try from the above list and give your review in the comment section. First, try the free trails and if you like the app, you can proceed with the purchase.