Unleashing your artistic skills is all the way fun and easy with an iPad in hand. Apple iPad can be used as a digital sketchbook to bring life to your imagination. The addition of the Apple Pencil is a great advantage to sketch, draw, paint, and more. Thus it will function as a great handheld to let out your creativity. Whether you are pro or novice artists, all you need is the best drawing app installed on it. For much better clarification, this section introduces you to the best drawing apps for iPad that are worth your time and effort.

Drawing Apps for iPad

Here go the top drawing apps that you can use on iPad that fits your requirements.

  1. Procreate
  2. Infinite Painter
  3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  4. Adobe Fresco
  5. Linea Sketch
  6. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  7. ArtRage
  8. Paper by WeTransfer
  9. Sketch Club
  10. Artstudio Pro

Procreate – #1 Drawing Apps for iPad

  • Costs $9.99 | In-App Purchase Costs $

Whether you want to sketch, paint, or create, Procreate is all you need. It is one of the leading and best drawing apps for the iPad. This app has hundreds of handmade brushes, artistic tools, and ultra high definition canvases. The interface is designed intuitively for iPad and Apple Pencil. Also, it is powered by Valkyrie, the fastest painting engine.

Procreate - Drawing Apps for iPad

Users get 250 levels of undo and redo support with the Procreate iPad app. It lets you color without compromise. It has all the design tools you require with a full-featured layering system. With Procreate, you will get dramatic finishing effects, time-lapse replay, and more.

Infinite Painter – Popular Drawing Apps for iPad

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs starts at $4.99

iPad users will get the best of drawing, sketching, and painting with Infinite Painter. It is one of the drawing apps for iPad to have lots of popularity. With this app, users will get access to powerful features. This includes brushes, customizable settings, color adjustments, etc. Infinite Painter features a minimalistic and customizable interface.

Infinite Painter - Drawing Apps for iPad

With this drawing app, making art is effortless. It’s users get the chance to share time-lapse recordings with other over social apps. Besides this, it supports importing and exporting images.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs $1.99

Start creating expressive drawings with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It is one of the worth of using drawing apps for the iPad to let out your creativity. With Sketch, you will get all the drawing tools that interact naturally with canvas. It gives you the feeling that you are drawing with real things like pencils, pens, erasers, and custom brushes. With the build-in graph and perspective grids, you can sketch 3D things in the 2D drawing.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch - Drawing Apps for iPad

All its 24 built-in brushes can be adjusted in terms of size, color, settings, and opacity. It supports sending the layered files to Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC with Creative Cloud account.

Adobe Fresco

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs $9.99

Whether you draw out of passion or it is your profession, opt for Adobe Fresco. It is targeted at those artists who work on free form drawing and painting. Fresco takes your artwork to the next higher level as it features Photoshop brushes that give precision as vector brushes. Also, users will access exclusive new live brushes or custom brushes as per your need.

Adobe Fresco - Drawing Apps for iPad

It includes powerful tools for creation, selection, layers, masking, and layer groups. You can export your drawings files as JPEG or PNG files from Fresco. With the time-lapse video feature, you can export to replay your creation. Premium users get access to an expanded library of brushes, cloud storage, roundtripping, and more.

Linea Sketch

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs $ 4.99

If you prefer to sketch without complications, then get Linea Sketch for iPad. It will let you focus on your creativity and draw effortlessly. In other words, you need not concentrate much on its tools. With a minimal user-interface, you can focus on your creations. It supports customizing canvas color, simplified layers set, grids and templates, and more. Choose colors from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or you can customize your colors.

Linea Sketch

This best drawing app for the iPad lets you draw shapes with ease without rulers or stencils. The five layers of Linea Sketch shall be rearranged, adjusted, and merged for your flexibility. Get to draw free-flowing shapes easily with blending tools. It supports importing images or your drawing or sync with the iCloud account.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs $1.99

Turn any of your idea into an art or design with Adobe Illustrator Draw. It is one of the most recognized drawing apps for the iPad. This is a go-to-option if you love the freeform vector drawing. It has a simple and modern interface with exceptional drawing tools. It includes five built-in vector brushes, ten drawing layers, a photo layer, and more.

Adobe Illustrator Draw - Drawing Apps for iPad

With Draw, you shall work with colors either by choosing a built-in color mix or customize colors. It supports adding shapes and working with layers. All your drawings will be saved automatically, and you can share them with others.


  • Costs $4.99

Paint your imagination and turn your iPad into a digital art studio with ArtRage. It is one of the top drawing apps for iPad with familiar tools. You can make use of thick oils, watercolors, sketchpad with pencils, wax crayons, etc. ArtRage lets you work as an artist and experiment with colors, textures, and more. It supports adding layers to your paintwork without damaging other elements.


Its interface gives you maximum creative space with tools, color selection, etc. The script system supports recording the strokes while you paint. Users can export and import drawings using Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc.

Paper by WeTransfer

  • Free | In-App Purchase costs starts at $1.99

iPad users can sketch effortlessly with Paper by WeTransfer. It is one of the popular drawing apps for the iPad. You can use it for sketch, paint, draw, and collage. You will not find any distracting menus with Paper by WeTransfer. Thus you will not miss out on your creative flow.

Paper by WeTransfer

There are lots of creative prompts, guides, how-tos, tips, and tricks, etc. So, you will be able to draw and sketch like a pro. Users can organize pages into journals and sync across all the devices.

Sketch Club

  • Costs $2.99

Access the best tools on Sketch Club to sketch, paint, draw, doodle, and do more. It has a wide range of brushes, pens, text tools, and more. All its layers come with configurable naming, color tagging, and blending. It lets you create your own comics and manga. Sketch Club lets you export sketches, create and share custom brush presets, configure color themes, etc.

Sketch Club - Drawing Apps for iPad

It brings you a new challenge every day and new competitions each week to keep you engaged. Other features include color themes configuration, a customizable shortcut bar, floating reference, etc.

Artstudio Pro

  • Costs £19.99

Artstudio Pro is one of the most powerful drawing apps for the iPad. It works great for all your drawing, painting, and image editing needs. This app features an advanced brush engine and thus lets you make the best of drawing. There are more than 80 customizable settings with more than 100 built-in brushes. Artstudio Pro is a professional photo editor as it features almost all the editing options.

Artstudio Pro

It includes retouching tools, blending modes, adjustment layers, clipping masks, and more. Artstudio Pro lets its users work on multiple documents, including large canvas sizes and unlimited layers.

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To Conclude

Here comes the end of the session. The above set of drawing apps is curated and listed considering factors like features, ease-of-use, flexibility, performance, etc. A lot of them are free and offer in-app purchases while very few are premium apps. Choose the one that suits your drawing needs and let us know what’s your favorite. For any queries, drop a comment below.