Apple Watch is the best device to track and get info regarding your fitness and health. With this wearable, you don’t require to carry your iPhone. Besides keeping you informed about your health-related activity, Apple Watch is useful if you want to check for messages and calls. In other words, you are needless to use your phone to check for mails and messages with Apple Watch. You can stay tuned to every other email notification of yours now from your wrist. It is to note that there is an in-built mail app on the Apple Watch. But if you are not satisfied with that or prefer using something else, we have so many options available. An email app allows you to configure email addresses to read, send, receive and compose from that address. We have shortlisted the best email app for the Apple Watch here in this guide.

Best Email App for Apple Watch

If you want to stay tuned to the emails from your watchOS, you shall choose any of the best email apps for Apple watches are,

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Spark
  3. Newton Mail
  4. Blue Mail
  5. TypeApp
  6. Canary Mail
  7. Airmail
  8. Zoho Mail

#1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a best mail app for Apple watch

Outlook is the widely used best email app on the Apple watch. It responds to emails with voice dictation. Using the Outlook app, you can easily access to calendar and mail together in one place. It is integrated with the cloud storage services, so you are able to access files in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Evernote. And you can check out the calendar appointments from the notifications tab. It is a free app, but an ad-free version starts from $6.99.

#2. Spark Mail

Spark is a best mail app for Apple watch

Spark Mail customizes your emails automatically, and it is easy to use. You get notifications only when you receive important emails and not for spam and newsletters. You can reply to your emails from the notification tab. And it has pre-written emails so can reply to emails fast. Spark Mail allows you to add a signature to your Email, and it is a free app to use. If you don’t want to lose any of your mail, you can just pin the email.

#3. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a best mail app for Apple watch

Newton Mail app will be the best option if you are looking for an app with advanced features. However, you have to pay some extra fees to use this app. Its user interface is very easy to use, and you can read the status of each email that you send. In this app, you can save the attachments on various cloud storage services, and it offers two-factor authentication. The subscription for this mail app costs $49.99 per year.

Note: Unfortunately, Newton Mail isn’t currently compatible with watchOS.

#4. BlueMail

Blue Mail is a best mail app for Apple watch

BlueMail is the best email app for managing an unlimited number of mail accounts. It provides security through encryption, and it helps you to count unread emails. With this app, you can use a push notification service for all email providers. Here you can protect your email with Touch ID and Passcode. And you can mark messages to handle later and set reminders. The best part of BlueMail is, it is completely free without advertisement.

Note: Lately, BlueMail isn’t available as a standalone app for watchOS users.

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#5. FlickType 


FlickType is another best email app for the Apple Watch, incorporated with lots of smart features. It supports auto-correct, swipe type, and more. Its universal design makes it easy for the users to type fast and work on it comfortably. The unique algorithm will bring you the correct word by analyzing the pattern of your taps. You can easily delete or change words with one click.

#6. Canary Mail

Canary Mail

Canary Mail is one of the first email apps in the market to provide an LTE connection on the Apple watch. It uses voice dictation to read emails. It is a free app with advertisement it costs $9.99. Canary mail app provides end-to-end encryption, and here, we can use biometric app lock to protect your emails.

#7. Airmail


One of the main reasons to use Airmail is it enables intelligent notification and response to emails without opening the app. Here you can write a template for an email and use it later. It forces you to organize your emails. And it is a free app, and in-app purchase costs $2.99.

#8. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the best mail app for apple watch

Zoho offers a lot of Apple Watch apps, and Zoho mail is one among them. Using this app, you can respond to emails fast by giving voice commands. And quick replies allow you to respond faster. It is a free app, and with advertisements, it costs $3.99.

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Although there is a default Email app that comes on Apple Watch, you can look for alternatives for more advanced options. We hope this article has given enough and clear information about the best email app for Apple watch. Tell us in the comment session, which is your favorite mail app for Apple Watch, and share your experience.