Many of us assume that Apple Watch is valid only for tracking health conditions. But it can be used for many other works. If you are one among those who ask if gaming is possible on Apple Watch, then the answer is Yes. There are a lot of games available in the App Store for watchOS. The games available in the App Store have been designed especially for the tiny wrist-sized screen. When you want to play games on Apple Watch, you have to use the digital crown to move the cursor. Now, let us find out the best Apple Watch games to play.

Best Games for Apple Watch

These are the best Apple Watch games you can play from your wrist.

  1. Pocket Bandit
  2. Rules
  3. Lifeline
  4. Trivia Crack
  5. Snappy Word
  7. Runeblade
  8. Elevate
  9. Arcadia
  10. Cosmos Rings
  11. Wordie
  12. Tiny Armies
  13. Jupitar Attack
  14. Bubblegum Hero
  15. Chess
  16. Ping Pong
  17. Dare the Monkey
  18. Retro Twist

#1. Pocket Bandit

  • Price: Costs $1.99
Pocket Bandit is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Pocket Bandit is a fun heist puzzle game for Apple Watch. As a player, you shall play as a renowned thief, and you go around the world to find the precious treasures hidden in the vaults. It has more than 100 treasures to hunt for. To play the game, you have to use the digital crown to simulate the turning of the safe dial. The visuals are very interesting, which makes you love the game so much.

#2. Rules

  • Price: Costs $2.99
Rules  is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Rules app is one of the best games for the Apple Watch. It is a fast-paced puzzle action game. In this game, you should follow the rules strictly to clear the puzzles. You can play the games in three modes as beginner, expert, and timeless to start the game. It is a brain workout mini-game, so you can play every day to improve your gaming skill.

#3. Lifeline

  • Price: Costs $0.99
Lifeline  is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Lifeline is the story of a Taylor, who is the only survivor of a spaceship crash, who gets in contact with you. Now it is you who is going to help Taylor from dying by making decisions. The game will end if Taylor dies. You will get notifications throughout the day to play the game. It is one of the top paid games in 55 countries.

#4. Trivia Crack

  • Price: Free with app-in purchase
Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a fun trivia challenge with friends and strangers. And you have to be aware of the in-app and pay-to-win purchases. Trivia Crack’s gameplay is fun and challenging with answer timers and the ability to play the game over a couple of days. It comes with more than hundreds of exciting questions. You can select the questions from six different categories, and here, you can also create your own questions in the factory. While playing the game, you may also chat with your opponents.

#5. Snappy Word

  • Price: Free with app purchase
Snappy Word  is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Snappy Word is a fun word search game where you can find words by linking the words and exercise your brain. You just have to swipe the letters to make words and find all the hidden words to complete the level. You can earn hint germs by making words that are not in the hidden list. It offers 400 levels to complete. With this gameplay, you can improve your vocabulary right from your Apple Watch.


  • Price: Costs $0.99
KOMRAD  is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Komrad is another best game for Apple Watch. It is a story about Artificial Intelligence from the ColdWar era told through the medium of chat. The AI has been waiting alone in the darkroom for thirty years the Soviets forgot to turn it off. Now you are the first person to interact with it since 1985. Take the right path to teach about the modern world. If you take the wrong one the game will end. Overall it is a casual interactive story game.

#7. Runeblade

  • Price: Free

Runeblade is a fantasy adventure game for Apple Watch. It is a role-playing game. You have to wake up the arcane Runes using the blade, use the mighty spells, and progress through the magical Artefacts. You have to fight against the rising darkness in 2000 levels. This game has won many awards.

#8. Elevate

  • Price: Free

Elevate is a brain training program to improve focus, speaking abilities, memory, math skills, and more. If you are looking to give your brain a regular workout, Elevate is the best option. It has more than 35 games to play throughout the day. And it offers you a workout calendar to help you track your experience.

#9. Arcadia

  • Price: Costs $2.99

Arcadia is all about a collection of 18 arcade games for the Apple Watch. You can access games like Bricko, FastRun, Bubble Mania, BadaBoom, Crazy Balloon, Brick Out, and more. Further, it is compatible with all the Apple Watch models. In addition, you don’t get any ads while playing and no user tracking also. The leaderboard is available daily, weekly, and all time.

#10. Cosmos Rings

  • Price: Costs $8.99
Cosmos Rings

You cannot play this game without the Apple Watch. In this game, the goddess of time is gone, and time has stopped. Now you have to bring back the goddess. And the path to save the goddess of time is not an easy one. You have to leverage powerful skills and strengthen your sword to make it through the Rift. Finally, the power of time will be in your hands, and you can use the digital crown to turn back the clock.

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#11. Wordie

  • Price: Free
Wordie is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Wordie is all about guessing the word. It will be very fun to play this game. Four images will be shown on your Apple Watch, and all images will connect to something in common. Now by looking at the images, you have to guess the word which relates to them. In the beginning, it may be simple, but when you reach the advanced levels, it will let you think a lot to find the answer.

#12. Tiny Armies

  • Price: Costs $0.99
Tiny Armies is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Tiny Armies is yet another fast-paced game of conquest. On this game, you can swipe your units to conquer the enemy and strategize as you encounter lakes, mountains, and forests along the way. You can play a solo game or play face-to-face with friends or jump into iMessage to battle across the world. It is an easy-to-play game. Here you should have a strategy to play this game because each move you take matters a lot.

#13. Jupiter Attack

  • Price: Costs $1.99
Jupitar Attack is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Jupiter Attack is a simple game to play. Here you will take the role of a pilot of a spaceship against the enemy ships who are eager to destroy the earth. You can use the touch screen and Digital Crown to move your ship to defeat the enemies. You will really love to play this game.

#14. Bubblegum Hero

  • Price: Free
Bubblegum Hero  is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Bubblegum Hero is the best entertainment game available for Apple Watch. Your main goal is to make the right Bubblegum balloon. On this game, you have to tap and hold the screen to blow a bubble and release it when it reaches the targeted line. You should not blow too small or too large. If it goes beyond the line, it will blast on your face. On the whole, Bubblegum Hero is simple and addictive gameplay. You get around 30 Bubblegums with different characteristics.

#15. Chess

  • Price: Free
Chess is one of the best games for Apple Watch

We all know about chess. It is a brain game available on Apple Watch. You play chess online with your friends and chat with the opponents. It lets you solve over 65,000 puzzles, and you can adjust your skill level for your improvement. Further, you also get thousands of videos and interactive lessons from top grandmasters. You can download this app for free and play with others. It shows you the leaderboard to keep track of your score.

#16. Ping Pong

  • Price: Free
Pong is one of the best games for Apple Watch

Ping Pong is a simple game that lets you play against your Apple Watch to keep the ball in play. With the help of the Digital Crown, you can move around your paddle. It is available at no cost, so you can install it easily on your Apple Watch.

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#17. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas

  • Price: Free
Dare the monkey

Dare the Monkey makes you play like a monkey. Here your goal is to traverse the various traps and enemies to reach the end level. And the graphics and animations are really attractive, thus makes you love the game more.

#18. Retro TwistPrice: Costs $0.99

retro twist

Retro Twist mashes up the game mechanics of the popular games to create something new. The remixed game available in Retro Twist are Super Jump, Retro Racer, Contra Pang, Circle Invaders, Moon Snake, Dual Break, and Circle Break. It uses the Digital Crown as the controller. The game brings features like screen shake, vibrations, sound effects, music, and leaderboards.

End Note

Therefore these are the best games for your Apple Watch. One way or the other, all the games help you to improve something in you. Hope this article helps you and share your feedback in the comments section.