Managing offline stored files is one of the toughest things to do. The files we download from the internet have some unwanted junk files. These junk files will slow down your device and may cause some performance issues. Cleaning those junk files manually is not a possible thing to do. You have to open the downloads folder one-by-one and delete them. Instead of that, you can install the junk cleaner from the Play Store and clean all the junk files. Here, we handpicked the best junk cleaner apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Best 10 Junk Cleaner App for Android Devices

  • Files by Google
  • SD maid
  • CCleaner
  • All-in-one Toolbar
  • Norton Clean
  • Droid Optimizer
  • Ace Cleaner
  • Avast Cleanup
  • AVG Cleaner
  • 1Tap Cleaner

Files by Google

best junk cleaner File by google app logo

Files by Google is the best junk cleaner apps that are widely used by Android users. The Files by Google app is a user-friendly app that helps you to clean your unwanted junk and cache files. Additionally, the app pops up the suggestion before removing the files, photos, and videos. File by Google helps you to manage the user’s files and folders.


  • User- Friendly app.
  • Provides offline file-transfer service.
  • Build with a Smart Filter to search the files faster.

App Rating: 4.6 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: Files by Google.

SD Maid

best junk cleaner Sd maid logo

SD Maid is the best app that helps you to clear your unwanted data and files. It helps the users to free up space by providing a variety of tools. The Corpse Finder tool helps in searching for the widowed files that are left behind the uninstalled apps. The app provides you the in-build app manager and file manager.


  • It has an automatic cleaning system
  • It helps to clear app caches
  • Boost the performance

App rating: 4.4 Price: Free/ $3.85 Pro version.

Play Store Link: SD Maid.


best junk cleaner ccleaner logo

CCleaner app is one of the most-recommended junk cleaner apps for smartphones and tablets. The user can remove the junk files, clear RAM space, and more. Further, it gives you the option of uninstalling multiple apps at the same time. The CCleaner app checks your usage, mobile temperature, memory level, and other important statistics.


  • Automatically tracks and monitors your CPU usage.
  • It sends the notification alert on device temperature.

App Rating: 4.7 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: CCleaner.

All-in-One Toolbar

best junk cleaner all-in-one toolbar logo

All-in-one Toolbar is the multi-tasking cleaner App. It contains nearly 30 tools that help you to improve your productivity levels. The app comes with options like batch uninstalling apps and moving apps from phone memory to removable storage. The Boot Speedup feature allows you to choose the app to start after restarting.


  • It helps in compressing the High- resolution photo to reduce space.
  • Empty folders will be cleared.
  • It identifies the large files and clears the unwanted ones.

App rating: 4.5 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: All-in-One Toolbar.

Norton Clean

best junk cleaner Norton clean app logo

Norton Clean app is one of the popular junk cleaner applications. It safeguards your privacy and works efficiently. It removes the junk files accurately. The app allows the users to remove the pre-installed apps. It helps the user to move the apps to SD cards. It pops up with the recommendations before removing or deleting the files.


  • It will clear cache for individual apps.
  • By removing the junks, the app boosts up the performance of the device.
  • Clears all the residual junk files

App rating: 4.6 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: Norton Clean.

Droid Optimizer

Droid optimizer logo.

Droid optimizer is one of the lightweight and oldest junk cleaner apps. Though it an old app, it comes with advanced features. The app is built with the dashboard to notify the RAM usage and free space. It clears the unwanted files and junk with one tap.


  • Secure your personal and private data.
  • Droid optimizer keeps you motivated with the funny picture, best entertainment cleaner.
  • Comes with dark mode.

App Rating: 4.4 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: Droid Optimizer.

Ace Cleaner

Ace cleaner logo

Ace Cleaner app is the effective one has it comes with the main advantage of clearly the duplicate photos and retain the space memory. It is specially designed for Facebook photos. It is built-in with DND mode, which will mute your device notification. Ace Cleaner app comes with an app lock for user privacy.


  • Designed for Facebook to boost and manage the performance.
  • Clear duplicate photos.
  • It is built-in with an app lock for security purposes.

App rating: 4.6 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: Ace Cleaner.

Avast Cleanup

Avast cleanup and boost app

Avast Cleanup is a powerful app to remove and uninstall the unused app to boost device performance. It comes with the powerful feature of controlling the quality and size of the photo using the comparison feature. The cleaning advisor gives you an overall view of your data before and after removing it. It automatically identifies the large files, unused data, and cache files.


  • Identify the duplicate photos using a photo optimizer.
  • Improves the battery life.
  • Always boost up the speed of the device.

App rating: 4.7 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: Avast Cleanup.

AVG Cleaner

AVG cleaner app logo

AVG Cleaner is the best cleaner app the removes the unwanted cache and pre-installed apps. It comes with the Remainder option, so it automatically clears the files. The app double-checks your suggestion before removing the files. AVG Cleaner identifies the blur, duplicate, and poor quality photos and deletes them.


  • Detect large files and deletes them.
  • Different Battery Profiles like Low Battery, Home, Work, Car, and more.

App rating: 4.6 Price: Free.

Play Store Link: AVG Cleaner.

1Tap Cleaner

1Tap cleaner app logo.

1Tap Cleaner is one of the top junk cleaning apps that clean cache files and history logs. It clears the files on the regular basics in order to speed and boost up the performance. It automatically clears the unwanted text, duplicate photos, call, and history logs in case if the internal storage is low. The apps identify the large files to save memory space. The home screen displays the widgets to notify the cache and available size.


  • Cleans the unwanted texts and photos.
  • Widget with cache removal button.

App rating: 4.4 Price: Free/ $2.99 pro version.

Play Store Link: 1Tap Cleaner.

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These are the best junk cleaner apps for your Android smartphones and tablets. Install any one of the apps and remove all the unwanted files on your device. Comment your favorite junk cleaner app in the comments below.