Learning a second (third and so on) language is not so difficult. You don’t even have to sit in the classroom to master it. All it requires is a lot of patience, focus, passion, and the best language learning apps on your Smartphone. Whether you want to improvise your vocabulary or learning it for fun, there is no shortage of language learning apps. The right app will help you upgrade the fluency as well as making you a knowledgeable person. This section will show you the top 10 language learning apps that are worth your time and effort.

Importance of using more than one language learning app:

  • You will get to know the different learning styles like reading, writing, listening, etc.
  • It will help you to understand the language in a different context.
  • It lets you known the different difficulty levels of learning a language.

Best Language Learning Apps

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, our handpicked collection of language learning apps will make you an expert whatever language you want to learn.


Visit Website: Duolingo

Free | For an ad-free experience, get Duolingo Plus at $9.99

If you want to allocate only a few hours on a day to learn a language, consider using Duolingo. It is rated as the world’s best app to learn 30+ languages without any fee. Duolingo is fun-to-learn, and you will become addicted over time. Get a personalized language learning experience as it is designed to adapt to your learning style.

Duolingo - Best Language Learning Apps

Duolingo engages you to learn a language in the form of short or mini-lessons that looks more similar to games. It works even for practicing, listening, and speaking the language of your choice. Users will be able to track progress with immediate grading.

Rosetta Stone

Visit Website: Rosetta Stone

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $54.99

Transform your life by learning a new language with Rosetta Stone. It has unlimited languages, and you can learn the lessons craft by linguists. Almost anyone can learn to read, write, and speak any language with this best language learning app. Every week, you will find new and live lessons in all languages from coaches, topics, and times.

Rosetta Stone

Besides this, you can even create a custom learning plan for a personalized learning experience. Rosetta Stone has incorporated the proven methods in which you can learn a language perfectly. Get instant feedback and improve your pronunciation. It supports downloading lessons for offline access.


Visit Website: Memrise

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $8.99

Access the best of language courses with Memrise. It has included real-life language skills in the form of games. It is one of the best language learning apps that supports 20+ languages of the world. The learning engine of Memrise will help you learn and remember words as well as phrases that use every day faster.

Memrise - Best Language Learning Apps

You can speak faster and confidently with feedback from the smart pronunciation session. For all its language, you will get access to a variety of language practice and learning sessions. It has more than 30000 native speaker video clips to master that particular language.


Visit Website: Drop

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $9.99

Language learning is made easy and fun with Drop. It is one of the best tools to learn a language with just five minutes of your day. Drop uses virtual character learning for every word. Thus, you can learn the professionally curated vocabulary with 2600+ words effortlessly. It supports 35 languages that are widely spoken all over the world.

Drop - Best Language Learning Apps

Every word is illustrated rather than translated. Drop even lets you learn to write. Check your progress every day with a detailed report of all words you have studied with Advanced statistics.


Visit Website: Busuu

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $9.99

If you want a versatile app to learn a language, then choose Busuu. It is known for its interactivity and is useful for all types of learners. Busuu is one of the free and best languages learning apps for Kids to master 12+ languages easier. It helps you get a better conversation and become fluent in vocabulary and grammar. You will stay motivated with the personalized study plan.

Busuu - Best Language Learning Apps

Busuu never lets you with the vocabulary you forget as it helps you revise until you remember the word. The Conversation feature will allow users to connect with the native speaker community, and you can get help at any time. Check your learning progress to level up your learning to become an expert.


Visit Website: Babbel

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $15.99

Learning a second language is easier than you think if you have Babbel. It is a language app built by language experts. There are 14+ languages, and its courses were tailored for you. It has short and effective lessons for work, travel, and more. Babbel lets users listen, speak, and write the language through practice.

Babbel - Best Language Learning Apps

You can retain the contents that you have learned with the help of the review feature. With the tips and tricks, Babbel guides users with grammar in context. Use the download mode to download lessons to learn it offline from anywhere.


Visit Website: Mondly

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $9.99

The best language learning apps wouldn’t complete without Mondly. It supports learning up to 33 languages with free lessons daily. With Mondly, learning a new language is fun, easy, and fast. You will start with the basic conversation to build sentences and phrases. With Speech Recognition and Spaced Repetition Algorithm, you can effectively learn the languages.


With Mondly, you can learn to pronunciation with native speakers. It will listen to your words, phrases, and provides positive feedback. As it teaches vocabulary using core words, you will not forget them. Also, Mondly breaks the learning process into short lessons for learning a new language.


Visit Website: Tandem

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $9.99

Master a new language by chatting with the native speakers with Tandem. It is one of the unique and best Language learning apps with millions of users. Tandem is the language exchange community with 160+ languages support. It will take your language to the next level by connecting with native speakers to practice languages.


Boost your vocabulary and find the correct pronunciation by speaking with the locals. You can improve your speaking skills through video calls, voice notes, or audio calls. Learn the grammar without any difficulty with the message correction and comment option. Tandem is all about learning on your own time, pace, and style.

Mango Languages

Visit Website: Mango Languages

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $9.99

Get a personalized language learning with Mango Languages app. It is one of the best apps to learn and master a new language. This language learning resource can be used for individual as well as organizational needs. It supports more than 70 languages. Besides this, all its courses are linguists approved. Users will get an interactive listening and reading exercises.

Mango Languages - Best Language Learning Apps

The self-paced language course will let the learner know about the cultural insights and grammatical nuances. Tap on every word to know the exact pronunciation. Mango Languages let you practice listening and reading skills as well.

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Visit Website: HelloTalk

Free | In-App Purchase starts at $8.99

You can learn a new language by chatting with a native speaker with the HelloTalk app. It has the largest collection of language and culture exchange community. So, you can connect with anyone to learn the language over voice or text message and audio/video call. It will let you learn the words with perfect pronunciation.


With built-in language tools, you will get translation, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections while chatting. Besides chatting with individuals, you can also join with groups for a collaborative learning experience.

These were the apps that we found to be the best-in-class when it comes to learning a new language. Hope you found this session informative and useful. For any queries, leave a comment below.