You don’t have to neglect any old laptops anymore. You can install lightweight Linux distros and revive your old laptops to get better performance. Old laptops here means those with good hardware and potentially outdated. Linux does provide lifelong support for older machines with its distributions. Considering this benefit, you need not throw your old laptops. Here in this section, we will get to know the 20 best Linux distributions that you can install on old laptops with minimal hardware. Additionally, we can also use some of the best Linux distros for old laptops on newer models as well. You can choose the one that suits your hardware and bring them back to life.

20 Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

1. Anti X

Anti X - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops
Anti X

It is another lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian Linux. Anti X is the best Linux Distros for old laptops and doesn’t have a system (software suite that provides various system components). It comes for both 32 bit and 64-bit hardware. So it is apt for both older and newer laptops. Currently, it is coming in 4 different editions called Full, Base, Core, and Net.

Download Puppy linux

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 256 MB
  • CPU – PIII Systems
  • Drive – 5 GB
  • Intel AMD X86 Processor.

2. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Puppy Linux is another best Linux Distros for old laptops that can be booted from USB/CD/DVD. It is not based on other distros, and you can build from a combination of distros like Ubuntu and Slackware. The size of puppy Linux is very light, nearly 300 MB. It even comes for 32 bit and 64-bit hardware. The system should be UEFI or BIOS enabled. It’s pretty faster and certified as “Grandpa-Friendly.”

Download Puppy linux

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – 600 MHz
  • RAM – 256 MB
  • Drive Space – 2 GB

3. Linux Lite

Linux Lite - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

It is the best Linux for beginners. If you are looking for a friendly UI and a light-weighted distro, Linux Lite would be a perfect choice. It is Ubuntu-based and comes with all vital software pre-installed. It now supports UEFI booting. Linux Lite is considered as an “Alternative for Windows.” So anyway, if you are switching from Windows, this would be a better option.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – 1 GHz
  • RAM – 768 MB
  • Resolution – VGA screen 1024*768 (1366*768 VGA, HDMI or DVI screen)
  • Space – 8 GB free disk space

4. Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Ubuntu Mate is comparatively heavier than all other Linux. GTK3+ transition goes with Ubuntu Mate’s latest version, which makes it more likable. It has multiple color variations and GameMode from Feral Interactive. One-click Install and Experimental ZFS are yet other features of Ubuntu Mate. Overall, Mate is one best Desktop environments like GNOME, KDE, and Cinnamon.

Ubuntu mate Download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
  • Processor – 1 GHz
  • Disk Space – 8 GB
  • Resolution – 1024*768

5. Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux  - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Bodhi Linux can cope up with hardware with limited capabilities. It is yet another Ubuntu LTS based Linux designed for Moksha Desktop. In Bodhi Linux, Ubuntu repositories give you access to tons of various software. Bodhi Linux is available in four versions Standard, Legacy, AppPack, and HWE. It is known for its support of low-end hardware. The ISO file size is >1 GB as it doesn’t have any preinstalled Software.

Download Bodhi Linux

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 256 MB
  • Processor – 500 MHz – 1 GHz
  • Disk Space – 5 GB

6. Sparky Linux

Sparky Linux - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Sparky Linux is another light-weighted on but can also compete with high end latest computers. It is based on both Debian’s stable release and Debian’s testing branch. Sparky Linux has various ISO to download. You will find multiple versions of Sparky Linux on its web page under the “Stable” or “Semi Rolling” releases section.

Download Sparky Linux

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB
  • CPU – Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon
  • Disk Space – 2 GB for CLI edition, 10 GB Home edition, 20 GB GameOver Edition.

7. Tiny Core

Tiny Core Linux - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Tiny Core is the most light-weighted and best Linux Distro for old laptops. It incorporated the fundamental core of any OS that includes Kernel and the root file system. Tiny Core uses the busy box and FLTK/FKWM desktops. It is a minimalistic distro with terminal and basic processing software like a word processor or network manager. The three editions are Core (11 MB without graphical interface), Tiny Core (16 MB with the graphical desktop environment), and Core plus (72 MB that supports WiFi and Non-US keyboards).

Tiny core download

Hardware Requirements

  • Ram – 128 MB
  • CPU – Pentium 2 Processor

8. Xubuntu Linux

Xubuntu - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Xubuntu is just a Ditto of Ubuntu. It has nearly all the flavors of Ubuntu. It works the best if you want to make use of the desktop. Xubuntu has a modern look and works on older hardware. It is effortless to use and is very easy to be installed on your old desktops. Xubuntu gives your desktop and laptops a modern look. The combination of Ubuntu and Xfce gives you Xubuntu. And Xubuntu is an entirely free distro.

Xubuntu download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB (1 GB Recommended)
  • CPU – Pentium Pro or AMD Athlon

9. Lubuntu

Lubuntu - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Ubuntu, along with LXDE desktop Environment gives you Lubuntu. LXDE/LXQT is C programmed and uses GTK-2 Toolkit. It provides you a familiar interface, especially f you are shifting from Windows. You can use Lubuntu even on your modern computers. Lubuntu is the lightest from the Ubuntu family. This best Linux Distros for old laptops gives a faster response even on your old hardware. Lubuntu comes with pre-installed basic Linux software. It cannot configure with 32-bit hardware.

Lubuntu Dowmload

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 1 GB
  • CPU – Pentium 4 or Pentium Mn or AMD K8 or even Higher processor.

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10. Slax

Slax Linux - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Slax is yet another lightweight distro based on Debian. It is portable, and you can use it from your pen drive without even installing it on your laptop. (Something Strange, right?) Yeah, that’s the specialty of Slax over others. The ISO file of Slax is lesser than 300 MB and is the best Linux Distros for old laptops. It comes with a pre-built package of basic software like a Word processor, network manager, or picture viewer. Another important advantage is that you can customize your OS and make the change permanent.

SLax Download

Hardware Requirements

  • Ram – 128 MB / 512 MB based on Offline or Web browser usage, respectively.
  • CPU – i686 or newer

11. Zorin OS Lite

Zorin OS - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Zorin OS Lite is another Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, and it offers a lite edition for older computers. The lite edition can be used in laptops using Xfce desktop environments. An added advantage with Zorin OS is that it is “Virus Resistantand works as fast as lightning. It will never slow down in case of updates.

 Zorin OS Lite Download

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU – 700 MHz Single core processor
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Disk Space – 8 GB
  • Display – 640*480 resolution

12. Linux Mint Xfce

Linux Mint - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

Anyone with 32 or 64-bit variants can enjoy the Linux Mint Xfce. It is not a proper lightweight distro. It is yet another Ubuntu-based distribution. Linux Mint Xfce is elegant, easy to use, and this particular version comes with many improvements. It makes your desktop more comfortable to use. But you have to have decent hardware for installing this specific distribution of Linux.

Linux Mint Xfce download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Disk Space – 15 GB and 20 GB is recommended
  • Screen Resolution – 1024*768

13. Peppermint

Peppermint  - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

A cloud-focused Linux distribution, and it doesn’t need any high-end hardware. It is also based on Ubuntu and features the Xfce desktop environment. Peppermint gives your computer a smoother platform. It is simply a combination of Cloud-based Linux and regular desktop applications. It comes with a custom made Ice application for other software supports, and of course, it gives your desktop a good looking interface. One can also use a Site-specific browser instead of local applications. Peppermint is one of the fastest and light-weighted distros. It does support 32 and 64 bi hardware.

Peppermint download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB
  • CPU – Intel X86 architecture
  • Disk space – 3.8 GB and 4 GB recommended

14. LXLE Linux

LXLE Linux  - Best Linux Distros for Old Laptops

LXLE is referred to as the Lightweight Powerhouse, and it supports both 32 and 64-bit hardware. It is a replica of the Lubuntu LTS version. If you are into the LXDE desktop environment, then LXLE Linux is your option. The LXLE Linux calls itself an “Eclectic resin of Lubuntu. Intuitive UI are eye candies of LXLE Linux that gives them an elegant look. GIMP. Libre office and audacity are few pre-installed applications that come with this distribution.

LXLE Linux  download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB
  • CPU – Pentium 3 or higher
  • Disk Space – 8 GB

15. Manjaro Linux Xfce Edition

Manjaro Linux Xfce Edition

It is another lightweight and best Linux distros for old laptops. Manjaro is an open-source distribution to work faster. It supports 1000s of software so that you can install and use anything on your laptop. It includes some popular windows based applications like Wine, Steam, etc. And Manjaro gives you a polished, integrated, and leading-edge Xfce experience coupled with the power of an arch base. The manager is compatible with even 32-bit software.

Manjaro Linux Xfce Edition download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 1 GB
  • CPU – 1 GHz

16. Arch Linux

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is not a suitable distribution for beginners. It is well suited for the experienced user who wants to customize and make their system a personal one. Arch distribution doesn’t come with lots of pre-installed applications. LXQT or Xfce Desktops is best for Arch Linux. Arch doesn’t support 32-bit hardware.

Arch Linux download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 530 MB
  • Architecture – 64 Bit
  • Disk Space – 2 GB

17. CrunchBang ++

Crunchbang ++

CrunchBang is commonly known as CBPP or #!++. It is a clone of CrunchBang Linux that has been discontinued. It supports old laptops well, and it mainly doesn’t cause any issues. CrunchBang is merely based on Debian 10, and it comes with minimal features and UI. VLC Media Player, GIMP photo editor, Thunar file manager, Terminator terminal emulator, Xfburn CD or DVD burning software.

CrunchBang ++ download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 1 GB
  • CPU – Pentium 4 or Pentium M or AMD K8 or higher.

18. MX Linux

MX Linux

MX Linux is yet another lightweight Linux operating system based on Debian stable and AntiX core components. It comes with a few additional software created by MX Linux. The main goal of MX Linux is that to “combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance, and medium-sized footprint.” It comes with basic tools to handle the installation that compatible with UEFI computers and a GUI-based method to change the Kernel and core antiX program.

MX Linux download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Disk Space – 5 GB
  • CPU – a modern i486 Intel or AMD Processor.

19. Debian GNU Linux

Debian GNU

Debian GNU Linux is a Free Operating system for your computer. It is composed of Open-source software. Debian is formed based on the other Linux versions, especially Ubuntu. It is one of the old OS based on the Linux kernel. It supports desktop environments like XFCE, GNOME, KDE, MATE, Cinnamon, LXDE, LXQT, and MATE.

Debian GNU Linux download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 256 MB, 512 MB recommended
  • Drive Space – 10 GB
  • CPU – 1 GHz Pentium Processor

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20. Busen Labs

Busen Labs Linux

It is another Linux based Operating System that is lightweight and suitable for many old Laptops. The project is a continuity of CrunchBang Linux. It comes with a pre-configured Openbox Window manager with a tint2 panel, conky monitor, jgmenu, a feature-rich desktop menu. GTK2/3 themes and wallpapers, various configurations, and applications for utility management. It comes up with Multimedia hardware related packages is another added advantage of Busen Labs Linux.

Busen Labs download

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 512 MB – 1 GB
  • Disk Space – 20 GB
  • Architecture – both 32 and 64 bit

These are a few Best Linux Operating System for Old Laptops. Remember, Best Linux Distro for Old Laptops has been arranged randomly. They aren’t listed based on any ranking, neither on the way they perform. Do write us in the comment section if we missed out on something.