Almost all of us capture lots and lots of pictures every day. On average, a person takes 20 photos and more than 14 selfies per day worldwide. Photography has turned out to be everyone’s passion, and it wouldn’t fade at any time. All these pictures are stored for future access, either on your phone or computer or even on the cloud. But the purpose of photos is to view the images later and to reminiscence them. For that, we would require a photo viewer application. This article has highlighted the best photo viewer for Windows 10 PC along with its features.

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

The following are the most popular and the best photo viewer apps for Windows 10 PC. The following write-up summarizes the features and other functionalities of the applications.

1. ACDSee Ultimate
2. FastStone Image Viewer
3. Movavi Photo Viewer
4. QuickLook
5. Adobe Photoshop Elements
6. GonVisor
7. Photo Mechanic
8. DigiKam
9. FastPictureViewer
10. Apowersoft Photo Viewer
11. 123 Photo Viewer
12. IrfanView
13. ImageGlass
14. XnView
15. Nomacs
16. Google Photos
17. Microsoft Photos

1. ACDSee Ultimate

Cost: $8.9/month or $89/year for 5 users; $109.95/lifetime access; $149 for complete ACDSEE pack.

If you want a photo viewer app that also acts as a photo organizer and editor, get ACDSee Ultimate. The application is a complex yet so powerful one that offers various functionalities for photos. They have come up with the additional AI feature that does facial recognition and face detection.

ACDSee Ultimate - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • It has advanced editing developer mode, manages files using find, sort, moves, and share.
  • Layered and raw editing features, light EQ, repair tool, color tools are few editing options.
  • Facial recognition, face detection, focus stacking, HDR image creation are some professional tools.
  • The basic features include search, crop, select, rename, etc.
  • It has many unwanted and advanced features for a photo viewer. Hence it is expensive.

2. FastStone Image Viewer

Cost: Free for personal and educational use. $34.95 for a lifetime of commercial use.

FastStone Image Viewer is the best photo viewer for Windows 10. The app is also compatible with Windows 7, 8.x, XP, Vista. It is the fast, stable, user-friendly image viewer or converter to browse and edit. With the FastStone Image Viewer app, you will find a high array of features that aren’t so fancy yet necessary. The app got an innovative and intuitive full-screen mode to access EXIF information.

FastStone Image Viewer
  • It has all essential functions like browse, view, zoom, sharing, printing, comparing, making a slideshow, etc.
  • FastStone has lots of editing options. It covers resize, rotate or flip, crop, sharpens, blur, adjusts colour, brightness, contrast, lighting, etc.
  • Other features cover versatile screen capturing, batch processing to convert or rename files.
  • Moreover, this app supports most of the formats.
  • Few bugs are yet to be fixed. Its UI is not so attractive and is outdated.

3. Movavi Photo Viewer

Cost: Free or $21.50

Movavi Photo Viewer app is meant for both unskilled and professional photographers. The app is introduced to remove unwanted objects from the images. But now, it offers simple yet so powerful features for picture editing. The interface is very intuitive and also easy to learn and start working.

Movavi Photo Viewer - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • Basic image viewing and editing tools like crop, resize, flip, and rotate images.
  • Editing options include colour and light correction, noise reduction, text insertion, and raw image support.
  • It has more than hundreds of effects and image filters.
  • Advanced features include AI restoration of old photos, quick image background removal, and AI auto-enhance.
  • The free version doesn’t have many features and highly-priced.

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4. QuickLook

Cost: Free

QuickLook app brings various Mac features to a Windows 10 PC. Hitting the Space button on the Mac will view various file formats within the file explorer. The feature and the user interface of the QuickLook app are frequently updated. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, free of cost.

QuickLook - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • You can get a quick preview of a file by hitting the spacebar on your keyboard.
  • The app doesn’t have a home page, so opening the app will open a readily available preview.
  • Moreover, the app free and easy to access. Even downloading and setting up is so simple.
  • This app works well for most of the file types and even supports GIF formats.
  • The app offers a one-pixel border around the screen, and it does lack various other basic functionalities.

5. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Cost: $99.99 single time cost with 30-days free trial

Whenever you hear photos, Photoshop and Adobe will have an irreplaceable place. They didn’t leave the image viewer category for Windows 10. The app is an excellent choice by many professional and amateur photographers. Elements offer all the best photoshop features, and you can use it with ease.

Adobe Photoshop Elements - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • Elements offer you many powerful image manipulation tools along with strong face and location tagging facilities.
  • The app automatically creates beautiful collages, slideshows, apply filters, and effects.
  • Editing features are automated, and various tutorials offer step by step guide.
  • Intelligent editing features included motion, fine-tune face. Moreover, you could also reduce the camera shake and whatnot.
  • It lacks social sharing outputs, local help, a large disk footprint, a steep learning curve.

6. GonVisor

Cost: Free

GonVisor app is a multi-format image viewer for the Windows-based PC. It is also one of the best photo Viewer apps for Windows 10. The app supports pictures, comics, manga, graphics, and Ebooks. GonVisor is specially developed to support formats like CBR, CBZ, CBA, CB7, ZIP, RAR, ACE, or 7-ZIP.

  • The image viewer option extracts images, compresses files, and also allows you to bookmark.
  • And it has also got an excellent file management tool and helps you with making slideshows and presentations.
  • This app supports multiple languages and offers image adjustment features include auto-size, zoom, and rotation.
  • More features like fast interface, control viewing, printing, Windows integration, etc.
  • Offers basic function and not so unique; Excess focus on books than images.

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7. Photo Mechanic

Cost: Plus version – $ 229 for a new license, Photo Mechanic 6 version cost $139 for a new license. Version up-gradation charges additional.

The app is used to view, organize, manage, and export digital photos. Photo Mechanic has got powerful features that make managing photos faster and easier. It is suitable even for professional photographers, and it does speed up the post-production processing workflow.

Photo Mechanic - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • The app has a simple interface, and you can easily share, edit, view, convert, etc., to the images.
  • You can also download the images via navigator, open control sheets, and access or add metadata.
  • The app offers a convenient tethering feature that puts the photos in the folders that belong.
  • Additional features include uploading to the web, rename, create an album and organize, etc.
  • Cannot select from thumbnails, no stacks, bit outdated, and it lacks few tools.

8. DigiKam

Cost: Free, but there is a donation option too.

DigiKam is a free and open-source application for Windows 10 to view images in various formats. The app can easily handle the libraries containing a large volume of images. It offers an efficient workflow to process raw files, edit JPEGs, and publish them to social media.

DigiKam - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • The app supports various collections hosted from different media, local or removable, and even from the networks.
  • And it organizes and manages all the images under various albums that use hierarchies.
  • You can search by tags, dates, location, duplicates, faces, etc.
  • There are various image editing tools, along with post-processing stuff like add plugging, edit metadata.
  • Complicated image exports and interface, slow editing, requires lots of space.

9. FastPictureViewer

Cost: Free; Pro version $49.99 for a single user and goes up to $2499.50 for 100 users.

From the name, you could have understood that FastPictureViewer is one of the faster image viewing applications. The app offers full support to the 4K and 5K monitors along with full-colour management. And indeed, it is the best photo viewer app for Windows 10.

  • The app offers a simple and attractive interface that will let you browse entire photo collections quickly.
  • One among the fastest image viewers that can support any formats that are being thrown.
  • The interface is very stylish, sleek, and dark so that the focus can only be the image viewing.
  • There are no extra or additional unnecessary features as far as an image viewer is concerned.
  • The Free version doesn’t offer all functions and restricts few formats.

10. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Cost: Free and $59.95/year

Apowersoft application offers a friendly user-interface with simple yet powerful functionalities. The app is also a light-weight one that adopts efficient computer technology. It works well in computers with low configurations that support various formats and long images.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer
  • The image viewing experience is better with this app, and you can view the image when long images are easily viewed by clicking.
  • Support the RAW, HEIC, PSD, etc. Even you can vie PDF formats and supports photos from various devices and platforms.
  • And also, you can capture a screenshot with one click and save them on the PC.
  • Moreover, this also allows you to batch process the images and share them.
  • The app is fundamental and has no image conversion options.

11. 123 Photo Viewer

Cost: Free and offers in-app purchases

The next one in the list of the best photo viewer apps for Windows 10 is 123 Photo Viewer. The app has a simple yet powerful feature set that even supports animations like GIF, APNG, and WebP formats. The rich set of features of the app includes the following.

123 Photo Viewer
  • The app offers the best magnification features with one single click even magnifies the animations too.
  • Moreover, it is easy to navigate between images and supports almost all available file formats.
  • The keyboard shortcuts are easy and offer the best vector view for the SVG and .psd format images.
  • It is the only available app in Microsoft Store to support the explorer, thumbnail feature, etc.
  • You can customize the interface and don’t have fancying features.

12. IrfanView

Cost: Free

IrfanView is another free, fast, and compact photo viewer application for Windows 10. The app offers lots of additional plugins that can be used for various other functions. It is simple yet so powerful, and it offers features with multi-language and Unicode support.

  • The app allows you to view images and available in 32 and 64-bit freeware for one-commercial use.
  • You can convert the images from one format to the other with this app.
  • EPIX info, slideshow creator, batch conversion, search, multimedia player, print, and various other features.
  • You can edit images like cut, crop, effects, and filters along with the screen capturing features.
  • The app is not so intuitive, simple, and not so manageable.

13. ImageGlass

Cost: Free

ImageGlass is yet another best photo viewer for Windows 10. The app is straightforward, with all the basic and necessary features. It does support 70+ image formats that offer various personalization options. The ImageGlass app comes with a minimal modern interface.

  • The app is so light-weight and versatile so that you can switch between images faster.
  • ImageGlass is a free and open-source image viewer application for any multi-purpose use.
  • The user interface is so sleek and clean, and you can rotate, zoom, delete, flip, and various other functions to your images.
  • Multi-language and PNG support, dedicated options for colour pick, and more are a few notable features.
  • It has no photo editor, no animation support, and batch processing.

14. XnView

Cost: Free

XnView is another free image viewer to view and edit your photo files. It supports all the major file formats. The app is one of the fastest and most powerful image editing applications for Windows 10 PC. XnView is a versatile image viewer will various feature sets.

  • The image viewer allows you to adjust colour, light, then resize or crop photos, and also helps you to edit metadata.
  • The app comes with an easy to use explorer-like interface to view the images quickly.
  • Moreover, this app also offers perfect image management tools.
  • It features batch conversion, rename, compares images, duplicate finder, and slideshows.
  • No Unicode support, and it doesn’t offer pan or zoom fluidity with a touchscreen.

15. Nomacs

Cost: Free

Nomacs is an open-source and best free photo viewer for Windows 10 PC. You can use it for all image formats, including RAW and .psd. The semi-transparent widgets display additional information like thumbnail, metadata, and histogram.

Nomacs - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • The app supports all kinds of common image formats and displays thumbnail previews.
  • Moreover, you can view the image faster and edit those images easily.
  • Nomacs is a light-weighted application and thus save your devices’ storage space.
  • Zoom, EXIF info, improved anti-aliasing, filter, search, sort, and also create a slideshow.
  • The app is a little outdated, and the UI is not so intuitive.

16. Google Photos

Cost: Free; In-app purchases

Google has got the Photos app that you can also get on the Windows 10 PC. Moreover, it gives 15 GB of free storage to safeguard your photos on Google Drive. It is a tool that can gather, organize photos. Moreover, the app combines the AI-based organization with cloud storage.

Google Photos - Best Photo Viewer for Windows
  • The app will collect and organize all the photos like a normal gallery would do.
  • The app has an outstanding AI feature that will find and organize images based on the face or objects.
  • Above all, the app eradicates duplicate photos, and the app comes with a smart search feature.
  • Google Photos lets you share photos on various social media platforms.
  • It has limited activities for offline access, and the offered storage is very less.

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17. Microsoft Photos

Cost: Free

The in-built and best photo viewer for Windows 10 is Microsoft photos. The app is just a replacement for Windows Photo Viewer. The app allows you to view and edit photos, even videos. You can create albums and organize the photos and make videos with various photos as slideshows.

Microsoft Photos
  • The app finds and gathers all the photos on your computer. It is excellent photo management or organization tool.
  • Filter and browse your collection of photos. Even the app identifies face and objects in images then create tags.
  • Set automatic upload so that all your photos are preserved in the One Drive cloud storage.
  • And you can also add more sources and import photos from various external devices.
  • No face tagging, no panorama stitching, or selective focus support.

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