Despite streaming, Android TV can be used for browsing content as well. However, the Android smart TV doesn’t come with a built-in browser. Because not everyone prefers to use a browser on a smart TV. Even otherwise, surfing the web isn’t going to be user-friendly as the user has to rely on the remote to control everything. This means the users have to install a browser manually when needed. In such a case, it is a must to look for the best browser for Android TV that works flawlessly with the remote. Check out the best browsers that can be accessed from an Android TV here in this section.

Things to Consider before Choosing an Android TV Browser

The following points are important to keep a note of just before you download a browser for Android TV.

  • Android TV browser you choose should be remote-friendly
  • Not all of the Android browsers work on Android TV
  • Android TV doesn’t have the same OS version as that of Android phone
  • Make sure to sideload the browser Apk file from the trusted source

Best Browser for Android TV

We have classified those browsers available on Play Store and some needs to be sideloaded.

Puffin TV Browser – #1 Best Browser for Android TV

Get it from Play Store

Puffin web browser’s Puffin TV-Browser has been optimized specially for Android TV. It has got the user-interface that aims to give you the best of browsing on Android TV. The interface of this browser is intuitive and subtle. Thus it will recommend users with popular websites.

Puffin TV Browser - Best Browser for Android TV

Puffin TV-Browser loads the web pages at a faster rate. Users can even share web pages from any device to Puffin TV Browser. It is the best browser for Android TV as it can handle videos, music, and browsing.

TVWeb Browser for TV

Get it from Play Store

Android TV users can get TVWeb Browser app to browse the web contents with ease. It is a free browser that is compatible with Android TV OS. Hence you can enjoy surfing the internet with the help of the remote controller with ease. TVWeb Browser app can be used for streaming entertainment contents like movies, music, news, media, games and more.

TVWeb Browser- Best Browser for Android TV

Its impressive feature set includes the support for adding bookmarks. Thus, you can easily access your favorite websites in seconds. It supports a built-in search option and you can see the browsing history. Above all, TVWeb Browser app lets you choose the default search engine.

TV Bro

Get it from Play Store

Get TV Bro for your Android TV if you want a web browser to support TV remote. It is one of the best browsers for Android TV with its optimized performance. TV Bro browser users can open tabs just like other browser apps. It has bookmark support and thus users can visit any frequently used site easily.

TV Bro - Best Browser for Android TV

It supports voice search in addition to a built-in search option. TV Bro uses the Android built-in web rendering engine. Other impressive features include a built-in download manager, browsing history, shortcuts, etc.

Best Third-Party Browsers for Android TV

The following browsers need to be sideloaded on Android TV. Since most of them aren’t remote-friendly, you shall need to get Android TV Remote Control App from Play Store. With this app, you can use your Android phone as remote control for Android TV.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Best Browser for Android TV

Although Android TV is by Google, the device doesn’t come installed with Chrome. Until the release of a dedicated version of the Chrome browser for TV, you shall access it by sideloading it. Upon signing in with your Google account, you will be able to access the bookmarks, passwords, history, and more. You will even be able to access the incognito mode on TV and surf the web privately.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox - Best Browser for Android TV

Firefox is the next most popularly used browser after Chrome. For now, it isn’t optimized for Android TV and thus you need to sideload its apk file. With Firefox on Android TV, you shall use Firefox extensions or addons, bookmarks, passwords, and settings. To navigate on the browser interface, you shall need to get the Android TV Remote Control app.



Opera is one of the feature-rich web browsers for Android. Upon sideloading it on Android TV, users will be able to surf the internet. You need to use the Android TV Remote Control app to effortlessly navigate its interface. Opera will bring you personalized news feeds, entertainment, and sports contetns.


Kiwi Browser

If you prefer browsing over a Chromium-based browser, then choose Kiwi. It isn’t Android TV compatible, yet you can sideload it. Users can browse the web, access videos, news, music, etc. Its optimized rendering engine will load the page faster. Kiwi supports blocking trackers and annoying notifications.

Dolphin Browser


Access the web with added privacy and security with Dolphin Browser. It is one of the best browsers for Android which needs to be sideloaded. Dolphin loads the page at a faster rate and supports multiple tabs. It supports bookmarks and add-ons, personalized search, incognito browsing, and more.

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Best Third-Party Browser for Android TV

Apart from those discussed above, you shall choose any of the browsers given below as well.

  • Duck Duck Go Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Vewd Browser
  • Silk Browser (Firestick)
  • Samsung Internet Browser

You shall choose any of the browsers that seem to work on your browsing needs. In case if you want us to clarify something, leave a comment below.