Apple Watch is the best wearable watch that monitors your health and workout activity. It comes with a lot of advanced features and technology. It tracks your heart rate, miles covered, and so on. You can pair the watch with your iPhone and customize it accordingly. In case if you want to customize the notification, then read out this article to know how to change notification sound on the Apple Watch.

How To Change Notification Sound On Apple Watch

  • Adjust Volume
  • Manage Haptic Alerts
  • Taptic Chimes
  • Mute Notification Sound
  • Manage DND

Adjust Volume

Step-1: Open the Settings app.

Step-2: Select Sounds and Haptics.

Step-3: To increase your volume, press the Volume Up button, or to decrease your volume, press the Volume down button on the screen.

Changing notification volume

Even you can use the slider or digital crown to increase or decrease your notification volume.

Manage Haptic Alerts

Step-1: On your Apple watch, select Settings.

Step-2: Click Sounds and Haptics.

Step-3: Toggle the Haptic Alerts On or Off.

Managing haptic alter.

Taptic Chimes

Step-1: Select the Settings app from your Apple watch.

Step-2: Click Accessibility.

Step-3: Then scroll down and click Chimes.

Step-4: Now, turn on the Chimes button.

Step-5: Click Schedule (Choose your time to play chimes).

Step-6: Select Sounds to change the chimes from birds to bells.

By following these steps, you can change your notification sound.

Mute Notification

Step-1: On your Apple Watch, touch and hold the Apple Watch face.

Step-2: Click Control Center.

Step-3: Now, select Silent mode.

How to mute apple watch notification.

Now, your notification sound will turn to mute or silent mode.

Manage DND

The Do Not Disturb option can be customized by following the mentioned steps.

Step-1: Press and hold the watch face.

Step-2: Select Control Center.

Step-3: Tap on the Do Not Disturb button.

Step-4: Now, you can choose On, On for 1 hour, or On until this evening.

Managing DND on apple watch.

You can customize the notifications to your convenience. Even though you cannot change the sound on the Apple Watch, but you can still customize your volume and alter or notification according to your wish.