When we use smartphones or PC for a long time, we will get eye strain and other visibility issues. Most smartphones and smartphone apps introduced dark mode or dark theme support to reduce eye strains. With Dark Mode, you will get the minimum blue light emitted from the device, and it greatly reduces eye strain. Besides using dark mode on iPhone, you can enable dark mode on Mac PCs using different ways.

The dark mode you enable on your Mac may or may not reflect in the apps you use. For instance, if you enable Mac’s dark mode, some apps like Netflix won’t reflect the dark theme. For that, you need to enable the dark mode from the app’s settings.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Mac?

There are more than one way available in which you can use dark mode or theme on macOS. For a complete guide, check the section below.

Using System Preferences

The simplest way to turn on the dark theme on macOS is with the help of system preferences.

Note: The steps below require at least macOS Mojave or later.

(1) Click the Apple icon on the Menu bar.

(2) Choose the System Preferences option.

System Preferences

(3) On the System Preferences window, click the General icon.

Dark Mode on Mac

(4) Choose the Dark option on the Appearance tab.

Dark Mode on Mac

(5) You can also choose the Auto option. It will change the appearance from Light to Dark based on the surrounding light, more like Auto-Brightness in smartphones.

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Using Night Shift

Night Shift in Mac is like scheduled Dark mode. Night Shift changes the color of the display warmer at nighttime. This feature is for users who use their Mac more at night times (Night Owl People).

Note: The steps below will work on macOS Big Sur.

(1) On the System Preferences window, click the Displays option.

(2) Click the Night Shift tab on the top.

(3) Schedule the Night based on your preferences and set the Color Temperature.

Dark Mode on Mac

When your Macbook is in Dark mode, most pre-installed apps like Mail, Maps, Notes, and Safari browser will be changed to dark mode. The Dark mode is available only on the macOS Mojave or above version. If you are using the earlier versions, update your Mac to the latest version.

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Dark Mode on Mac using Siri

Dark theme can be enabled on those Mac devices compatible with Siri. With this method, you don’t need to navigate on the device interface manually.

(1) Wake up Siri and command “Turn on Dark Mode” or “Dark Mode.”

(2). With this, your macOS will get a dark interface.

In the same way, you can turn it off with a command as “Turn off Dark Mode” or “Turn on Light Mode.”

Using Third-Party App – NightOwl

NightOwl app

NightOwl is one of the best third-party apps for Macbooks to enable the Dark mode. In the app, you will have a lot of customization options. You can schedule your dark mode timings, automatic dark mode settings, and dark mode for specific app options. The best feature in NightOwl is the Hotkeys feature. All you need to perform is to toggle between light and dark mode with the command, “Huuhuuhhh”. The app is available only for macOS Mojave and later. You can download the NightOwl app from their website.


These are the different dark modes available on Mac PC. Enable the dark mode when it is necessary or set it to Automatic. If you enable dark mode on brighter conditions, you will have some blindspots on your screen due to the light exposure. So, we recommend you set it on Automatic.

Hope this section was useful to you. Drop a comment below if you have any doubts.