Almost all smartphone apps have the Dark mode. But, what about the app that we use to install other apps. Yes, the Play Store app has released its dark mode in May 2020. The dark mode is very useful when you are using your smartphone at night time. It is no surprise that the Play Store app has a dedicated dark theme after all the Google-made apps have a dark theme of their own.

Use the Dark mode only in the low-light conditions. If you use the dark mode in the morning light or where you get a direct light source, some parts of your smartphone screen can’t be seen properly.

How to Enable Play Store Dark Mode?

(1) Open the Play Store app on your Android smartphone.

(2) Click the Hamburger icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Hamburger icon

(3) Tap on the Settings option.

Settings option

(4) Under General, choose the Theme option.

Play Store Dark Mode

(5) Three options will appear: Light, Dark, and Set by Battery Saver option. Choose the Dark option.

Play Store Dark Mode

(6) The Play Store app will be converted into a dark theme.

Play Store Dark Mode

(7) To revert, choose the Light theme.

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Play Store Dark Mode: Set by Battery Saver

The third option in the Theme is the Set by Battery Saver option in Android 9 or System Default in Android 10. Choosing this option will change the theme in Play Store based on your smartphone’s settings. If your smartphone is in a light theme, the Play Store app will be in a light theme. If you switch your smartphone to a dark theme, the Play Store app will automatically be switched to a dark theme. In some brands of smartphones, you can’t use the light theme when the Battery Saver is turned on.

How to Enable Dark Theme on Android smartphones?

If you set the Play Store theme to Set by Battery Saver or System Default, you need to change your smartphone theme to change the theme of the Play Store app. To do so,

(1) Go to Control Center and tap on the Dark mode option.

Dark mode

(2) Your smartphone will be switched to the dark theme.

If you want to use the Settings,

(1) Go to Settings and choose the Display option.

Display option

(2) Tap on the Dark mode option.

Play Store Dark Mode

(3) Turn on the Dark mode toggle.

Play Store Dark Mode

Note: The steps may vary based on brands of smartphones

These are the different ways that you can enable the dark mode on Play Store and your smartphone. The dark mode reduces eye strain when using smartphones for a long time. Whenever you use your smartphone at night, turn on the dark theme.