Discord is a popular messaging app among gaming enthusiasts. Gamers across the world use this as a platform to connect with other gamers over messages and calls. While it has a dedicated version of the app for major platforms, Discord isn’t official for Xbox consoles. However, you can still access this app by linking your account with your Xbox account. It is way helpful as you can chat much more comfortably using the keyboard. With this, you don’t have to miss battling with your friends using Discord on different devices.

How to Link Discord on Xbox?

If you want to use Discord on your Xbox, then you should link both the accounts. We have split the linking process into two sections, and the same is dealt with in detail below.

  • Xbox Console
  • Discord Official Website

How to Link Discord using Xbox Console?

The following steps will let you link your Discord and Xbox account from within the gaming console itself.

1. Power on your Xbox gaming console, and make sure to keep it connected to the internet or WiFi.

2. Choose Account Settings to click on the Linked Social accounts option.

Choose Linked social accounts

3. On the following screen, select the Link Discord Account option.

4. Then, highlight the Link menu under the Link Discord Account section on the Discord pane and press A.

Link - Discord on Xbox

5. If prompted, press A to proceed with the linking process. Choose Yes to share your information with Microsoft.

6. You will get a six-digit pin on the console along with details about linking the Discord account.

Link Discord Official Website

With the above steps done, you shall need to follow the section below further.

1. On your desktop or phone, launch the Discord app and log in to your account.

2. Hover to click on the Settings option on the top-left corner of your phone or the Gear icon from the bottom of the screen.

On iPhone, click on your profile picture to open up the settings screen.

3. Choose the Connections option on PC and click Add on the mobile version of Discord.

Select Connections - Discord on Xbox

4. Select Xbox Live. If you don’t find it, click on the Xbox logo.

5. If prompted, you shall need to sign in to your account.

6. With this, you will be allowed to enter the six-digit pin or code. When the entered code is verified, the Discord account will be linked with the Xbox gaming console.

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How to Unlink Discord & Xbox Console?

If, in case, you don’t want to use the Discord app on your Xbox console, then unlinking is all the way good. There are three different methods, and all of them will help you unlink Discord.

  • Microsoft Account
  • Discord App
  • Xbox Console

Using Microsoft Account

  • Start by visiting your Microsoft account’s official website and login into your account with the necessary credentials.
  • Check for the Discord link and remove it. With these changes, you have successfully unlinked it.

Using Discord App

The other way to unlink Xbox and Discord can be done from within the Discord app itself.

  • Launch Discord app and go to Settings. Choose Connections and click on Xbox Live Connection.
  • Tap on the remove option to unlink Discord and Xbox.

Using Xbox One

  • On your Xbox gaming console, you need to click on the Linked Social Accounts tab.
  • Clicking on the Link button will help you unlink Discord and Xbox.

That was all about Discord on the Xbox gaming console. With this, you will be able to battle with friends on different platforms.