Staying connected with friends and families is important. Facebook is the most used social media app that would help us to connect with others. Facebook is available for most gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, laptops, etc. watchOS adding support to more apps, users get the chance to access them right from the wrist. With this, you get access to Facebook on Apple Watch. But watchOS has no access to Facebook officially. But this doesn’t mean you cannot use Facebook on Apple Watch. Few indirect ways allow you to access Facebook on smartwatches, especially Apple Watch. The section discusses the same in detail.

Use Facebook on Apple Watch

Facebook isn’t native to watchOS smartwatches. To use FB on your wrist, there are alternative ways. Apple has included WebKit, a search engine for Safari browser, on the Watch’s operating system with the update. But the watchOS doesn’t have an official Safari app. To overcome this issue, we have got a few loops.

The Apple Watch allows you to open the links with the WebKit engine. With this, you can open any webpage fully while tapping on any link. Though these wouldn’t function as much as iPhone or laptop, we can still access the FB page. Above all, the FB webpage suits the watchOS screen automatically.

You can either send those links via message or mail. As mail would be better because you can flag the mails for later purposes. Press and hold the bottom of the mail and choose Flag from the pop-up options.

Steps to Access FB link on Apple Watch

1) Send the official Facebook link ( via mail or message, preferably email.

2) The mail should be sent to the account that you are using on the connected iPhone. It will allow you to access the mails on your Apple Watch automatically.

3) Open the respective mail app on your Apple Watch. Then, open the mail you have received the link for FB.

4). Tap on the FB link. Facebook will start to load on the Apple Watch.

5). Now you have to log in to your FB account. Watch is capable of remembering the username and password. So it is enough to log in once.

Bonus: How to Use Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch?

Though you cannot use Facebook on Apple Watch, Facebook Inc, has launched the official Messenger app for Apple Watch. If your sole purpose in using FB is messaging, then this app would fulfill your needs.

Download the Facebook Messenger app on your Apple Watch. You can download the app from the App Store on Apple Watch, or download it on the paired iPhone and install it from the Watch App to watchOS. With the Messenger app on your Apple Watch, you can get the following functions.

  • You can react to the messages on notifications.
  • And there are options to send quick replies to messages.
  • You can receive emojis, stickers, and GIFs.
  • Moreover, you can reply to the messages with speech to text or scribble to text dictation feature.

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Turn on Notifications

Notifications functions is accessible on Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

  • Install Facebook on iPhone.
  • Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Facebook.
  • Enable Allow Notifications and Show in Notification Center.
  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone to go to Notifications.
  • Select Facebook, turn on the toggle to receive FB notifications.


1. Can you get Facebook app on Apple Watch?

No, you cannot get it. But then you can use the Messenger app.

2. How to download FB app on Apple Watch?

There is no official method to download FB on Apple Watch. Choose any of the above-methods. The app may come in future.

We hope this section has been useful to you in accessing Facebook on watchOS. Still got questions? Write to us in the comment section below.