Mac is an Apple-based laptop device, and it works on macOS. If you are a Windows user and made a shift to Mac, you may find some difficulties in using and navigating the Mac interface. Performing the delete operation is one such task that a lot of novice users require guidelines. One must essentially use the delete operation to remove the unclutters or those unnecessary content on Mac. The backspace keys delete the text from backward or to the left of the cursor. If you aren’t aware, Mac users can exclusively experience forward delete. Sounds interesting? Read further to know about the shortcuts to forward delete on Mac.

Forward Delete on Mac – Shortcuts

Text deletion is the most common way of using delete operation on any device. If the text you have typed is wrong or has some mistake, you can use the forward delete operation and make necessary changes. To do this on macOS, continue reading. This will work on apps, including native and third-party.

Function (Fn) + Delete – This key allows you to delete the text after the cursor or the cursor’s right (Forward delete).

Forward Delete on Mac

Control + D – Use this combination if your keyboard doesn’t have a Delete key. This deletes the text after the cursor (Forward Delete).

control + d

Function (Fn) + Option + Delete – This combination of keys deletes the entire word (only word) after the cursor (Forward Delete).

Delete on Mac

Note: If you have Magic Keyboard with a Numeric keypad, then you will find a separate Forward delete key on your keyboard.

magic keyboard

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Other Useful Mac Shortcuts

Option + Delete – This key deletes the entire word (only word) behind the cursor.

Delete on Mac

Command + Delete – This combination deletes the whole line behind the cursor.

command + delete

Control + H – This combination deletes the text behind the cursor.

control + h

Delete Key – This key is used to delete the text behind the cursor.

Delete on Mac

These are some of the ways to delete that you no longer need on your Mac device. If you have any doubts, use the comments section below. For more guides, explore the site.