Among all the smartwatches, Apple Watch is the most advanced one. With the Apple Watch, you can play games, make notes, and more. Even you can check your blood oxygen level with the new generation Apple Watch. But, there are quite a few limitations on the Apple Watch. Other than Apple-developed apps, you can’t install any apps on Apple Watch. In that list, Gmail is also the app you can’t install on Apple Watch.

Though Apple Watch has its own App Store, the apps available on the App Store are minimal. When you search for the Gmail app on Apple Watch’s App Store, you can’t find the app. Instead, there is a workaround to get the Gmail app.

How to Get Gmail Notification on Apple Watch

(1) At first, pair the Apple Watch and iPhone.

(2) Install the Gmail app on your iPhone from the App Store and sign in with your Google account.

App Store

(3) On your iPhone, go to the My Watch or Watch app.

(4) Go to the My Watch section and tap the Notification option.

(5) Now, you will get a list of all the apps that are installed on your iPhone.

Gmail on Apple Watch

(6) Scroll down and tap the Gmail app.

(7) Enable the Allow Notifications toggle.

After this, you will receive a notification every time on your Apple Watch whenever you receive a mail. However, you can’t reply or forward the mail. You can only read the mail on your Apple Watch.

How to Setup WristMail for Gmail on Apple Watch

If you want to read and reply to your Gmail on Apple Watch, you have to install the WristMail for Gmail app. With the app, you can reply to a mail using voice commands or the FlickType keyboard.

(1) Install the WristMail for Gmail app on your Apple Watch from the App Store.

(2) Open the WristMail for Gmail app and sign in with your Gmail account.

(3) Now, the normal mail options like Unread, Sent, Draft, Spam, Starred, and more will appear.

(4) Open any folder and manage your emails.

(5) If you want to send an email or reply to a mail, you can use the voice commands or the FlickType keyboard. Like all emails, you can get to choose the recipients, set subject, and type the mail.

Gmail on Apple Watch

(6) If you want, you can also use the emojis keyboard to enter emojis.

WristMail for Gmail

These are the two ways to use Gmail on Apple Watch. When using third-party mail apps, you are risking your privacy. Those third-party apps won’t assure your personal information. So, avoid those apps. Wait until the Gmail app is announced for Apple Watch and then use the app. If you any thoughts about the Gmail app, let us know in the comments.