Apple devices are the most rigidly built devices. Installing and using any unauthorized app is not a cakewalk on Apple devices. You have to jailbreak the devices. Likewise, most of the Google apps won’t be accessed on Apple Watch. But, we have found a way to set up and manage Google Calendar events on your Apple Watch.

Almost every one of us will have a Gmail account. Having a Google-made service is the best way to integrate things. With the Gmail account, you can sync YouTube, Chrome, Play Store, Calendar, Hangouts, Keep, and more. Here is the way to have all these integrations on your Apple Watch.

How to Setup and Sync Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(1) Make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired with each other.

(2) On your iPhone, go to the Settings menu and tap the Mail option.

Mail option

(3) Select the Accounts options on the Mail tab.

Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(4) On the Accounts menu, tap the Add Account option.

Add Account

(5) Choose the Google or Gmail option.

Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(6) Sign in with your Google account.

Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(7) After the sign in, turn on the toggle for Calendars. If you want, you can turn on all the available toggles.

Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(8) Turning on these toggles will sync the data stored in the platform. For instance, if you turn on the Contacts toggle, the contact information stored in your Gmail account will be synced to your iPhone and Apple Watch. And, when you see your stored contacts list, your Gmail contacts will also appear.

Google Calendar on Apple Watch

(9) Now, open the Calendar app on your Apple Watch. All the saved events on your Google Calendar will be synced and displayed on the Apple Watch.

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Google Calendar on WatchOS: Limitations

As the Google Calendar is not a native app on Apple Watch, you will have some limitations and restrictions.

On your Apple Watch, you won’t receive any notification for email alerts, room scheduler, and you can’t create new events with your Apple Watch. If you want to create a new event, you have to use the Google Calendar app on a paired iPhone.

This is the only way that you can access your Google Calendar events on the Apple Watch. If the Google Calendar app is available for the watch, you can create and manage events in the app without the iPhone. As the Apple Watch has the full fletched Calendar app, the Google Calendar won’t make it to the App Store for the watch. Share your thoughts about this constrained ecosystem in the comments below.