Google Docs is one of the most important tools that we use daily in our life. With Google Docs, you can create and edit files anywhere and anytime you want. Like all other apps, Google Docs also has the option to switch to Dark mode. In the dark mode, the blue light emission will be reduced, which will reduce the eye strain, and the content on the screen will appear more clearly in low light surroundings.

Google Docs can be accessed in both the app and the website. So, to enable the dark mode on Google Docs, you have to follow two different procedures based on the device you are using.

Enable Google Docs Dark Mode: Smartphones

(1) Open the Google Docs app on your smartphone.

(2) Tap the Hamburger icon on the top left of the screen.

Hamburger icon

(3) Now, choose the Settings option.

Settings option

(4) Under the Settings menu, select the Choose theme option.

Choose theme

(5) A pop-up with three options will appear. Select the Dark option.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(6) After that, the app will be switched to dark mode.

Google Docs Dark Mode

If you choose the Set by Battery Saver option, the app will switch to dark mode when the battery is less than 20%.

Preview Google Docs Dark Mode

Not everyone is a fan of the dark theme. If you are working with your team or with collaborators, you have to make sure that the doc file is apt for both light and dark mode. In Google Docs, you can preview the files in light mode to make sure that all the content in the file is perfectly visible.

(1) Open the Doc file that you want to see the preview.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(2) Tap the More icon (three-dotted icon) on the top right corner.

View in light theme

(3) Click the View in light theme option.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(4) Now, the doc file alone will appear in the light theme.

The same can’t be done while the app is in light mode. When the app is in light mode, View in dark theme won’t appear on the More menu.

Enable Google Docs Dark Mode: Web Browsers

If you are using your PC to access Google Docs, you can’t enable the dark mode through Settings. The Dark Mode for the website is yet to be released. But, you can force enable the Dark mode for Chrome browser using the Flags link.

(1) Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

(2) Go to the URL, chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(3) Enable the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(4) After that, tap the Relaunch button to restart the Chrome browser.

Relaunch button

(5) After the restart, all the Chrome tabs will appear in the dark mode.

Google Docs Dark Mode

(6) Go to Google Docs and open any doc file. It will open with the dark theme.

Google Docs Dark Mode

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You can also use extensions to enable the dark mode. Extensions like Darkdocs and Dark Theme for Google are some of the popular extensions available on the Chrome Store.

These are the different ways that you can use to enable the dark mode on Google Docs. In smartphones, you have the conventional way to enable the dark mode. But in PCs, you have to follow the workaround methods. In the near future, Dark Mode for the website will be launched. Let’s wait for that new update.