Google Maps is the #1 navigation tool used by millions worldwide to reach their destination in time. It covers more than 220 countries & territories, and you will get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and more. With Google Maps, you will find the best routes showing live traffic, road closure, real-time ETA’s, etc. It supports automatic rerouting, and you don’t have to select or choose the direction manually. All these features are available for access from wearables, including Apple Watch. Whether you are away from your phone or looking for direction while doing any outdoor activity, Google Maps for Apple Watch is all you need. This section will guide you with the installation procedure of the same in brief.

How to Install Google Maps on Apple Watch

There are two possibilities in which you can install Google Maps on your watchOS. It includes

  • Using the App Store on the Watch
  • Using iPhone

Get Google Maps on Apple Watch from App Store

watchOS users can download the Google Maps app within the watch.

1. Unlock the Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown to go to the Home screen.

2. Look for App Store and click on it to open it.

Select App Store icon

3. Click the Search field at the top.

Search for Google Maps

4. Now, use Scribble or Dictation to find Google Maps.

Google Maps on Apple TV - Use Scribble or Dictation

Alternatively, choose the Navigation category and locate the Google Maps app and select it.

Google Maps on Apple TV

5. Select the app to see its description, reviews, ratings, screenshots, etc.

6. On its app info screen, click on the Get button to download it on your Smartwatch.

7. When prompt, double click the side button to download and install Google Maps on watchOS.

Get Google Maps on Apple Watch using iPhone

If you have Google Maps installed on your iPhone paired with your Apple Watch, then it gets automatically displayed on your watch. If you don’t find it, then here are simple steps to install it from the iPhone.

1. Navigate on the apps column of your iPhone to click and launch the Watch app.

2. Click on the My Watch tab to choose the General option.

3. Tap on Turn off Automatic App Install.

4. Now, click on the My Watch tab once more to scroll down to the Available Apps section.

5. Press the Install button available next to Google Maps, and you can access it from your watch.

How to Use Google Maps on Apple Watch


  • Update Apple Watch firmware to the latest version
  • iPhone running on iOS 10 & later
  • Bluetooth connection enabled

Important: Keep location turned on for Google Maps on your iPhone.

Add or Edit Shortcuts

1. Open the Google Maps app on your Apple Watch.

Google Maps on Apple TV

2. Click on the Home, Work, or Edit Shortcuts option.

3. On your iPhone, open the Google Maps app and click Saved.

4. Select Labeled under Your lists section.

5. Choose Home or Work and provide the address.

Note: To edit the address, click on the More option to Edit home or Edit work and add the new address.

Navigate to an Existing Shortcut

If you have an address saved on Google Maps, then you can use your Apple Watch to navigate to that shortcut.

1. Launch the Google Maps app on your watchOS.

2. Click on a Shortcut, and your watch will show the directions.

Navigate to New Destination

In case if you want your watch to show the direction for a new destination on Google Maps, then here are the steps to do it.

1. Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone and start your navigation.

2. Then, launch the Google Maps app on your watchOS.

3. Just click on ETA under the current Trip, and you will be guided with the direction.

That was all about installing and using Google Maps on Apple Watch. Hope that has been useful in dealing with the same. For any queries, you can drop a comment below.