HBO has streaming apps for all kinds of users. If you want monthly subscription services, you can get the HBO NOW app. If you want a TV provider service, you can get the HBO GO app. With the HBO GO app, you can use your TV provider details to access the HBO movies and series. Here, we discussed the methods to watch HBO GO app on LG Smart TV.

All the LG Smart TV comes with a dedicated app store called LG Content Store to install new apps and games. LG Content Store is more similar to Google Play Store (on Android devices). In the store, all the apps that are supported by your smart TV will be available. You can use it to install the apps on LG TV.

LG Models that Support HBO GO

HBO GO is available only on the selected LG TV models. They are,

webOS 3.0 (2016): UH60, UH61, UH63, UH65, UH76, UH77, UH85, UH95, LH60. E6, and B6.

webOS 3.5 (2017): B7, C7, E7, UJ75, SJ80, SJ95, and W7.

webOS 4.0 (2018): B8, C8, E8, W8, LK57, LK64, SK80, SK95, UK62, UK63, UK65, and UK75.

webOS 4.5 (2019): B9, C9, , E9, W9, LM63, SM81, SM86, SM90, SM95, UM71, UM72, UM73, UM74, and UM76.

Install HBO GO on LG TV

(1) Turn on your LG Smart TV and press the Home button on the remote to get the Home screen.

(2) Navigate to the LG Content Store application and open it.

LG Content Store

(3) On the right, you will see different categories. Choose the Apps & Games category.


(4) Look for the HBO GO app. Since there is no search bar in the LG Content Store, you have to look for the app manually.

(5) Select the HBO GO app and click the Install button.

(6) Open the HBO GO app and choose your TV provider.

(7) Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch your favorite series.

Alternate Method

All the LG Smart TV is equipped with the Screen Share feature, which allows you to cast any media file from your smartphone. To cast the HBO GO app,

(1) On the remote, press the cable-like icon.

Cable icon

(2) Select the Screen Share option.


(3) Now, your LG smart TV is ready to receive any media files from your smartphone.

HBO GO on LG TV (2)

(4) Connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as your LG Smart TV and click the Cast icon from the Notification Centre.

Cast icon

(5) Your smartphone will look for a nearby casting device. When your LG Smart TV is detected, tap on it.

HBO GO on LG TV (2)

(6) After that, your smartphone screen will be mirrored to the LG Smart TV.

(7) Open the HBO GO app on your smartphone and play any video.

(8) It will appear on your LG TV. To stop the mirroring, turn off the Screen Share on your LG TV or disable the Cast feature on your smartphone.

The four models from webOS 3.5 (2017): LJ55, LJ54, UJ63, and UJ65, are not supported by the HBO GO app. If you have those four models, you have to buy additional streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku to install the HBO GO app.

With the HBO GO app, watch all the latest movies and series from the HBO network using your TV provider credentials. Series like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Chernobyl are some of the binge-worthy shows in the HBO app. Mention your favorite HBO series in the below comments section.