Hisense is a famous electronics brand that has lots of smart TV variants. It runs on different operating systems, including Android, Roku, etc. Further, it has smart TV displays ranging from UHD, QLED, and other TV models. Hisense TV delivers content in the highest quality, including color, contrast, and brightness. It gives you the dynamic TV watching experience with Dolby Atmos, ultra Dimming, and more features. Being a smart TV, you can also add apps on Hisense TV to thereby access its contents. However, adding apps requires different steps based on the OS Hisense TV is running. Get into this section to learn more about it in brief.

How to Add Apps on Hisense TV?

Since Hisense smart televisions are available on different OS, the below section will help you out with the steps to add apps on all of them.

Using Google Play Store (Android)

If your Hisense smart TV is Android-powered, then you need to add apps from Google Play Store. Adding apps is relatively easy, and the steps are as follows.

1. Select the Play Store icon from the home screen of Hisense TV to open it.

2. Choose the Apps option with the help of the Hisense remote controller.

Add Apps on Hisense Smart TV - Android

3. Browse or search for the app you want to add to Hisense TV and select it.

4. On its app information window, click on the Install button to download it.

5. Accept the permissions it asks you and select OK to install it.

Note: If you want to know how to Sideload Apps on Hisense Android TV, you can check the article on sideloading apps on Mi Box. Since Mi Box runs on Android OS, the same steps work on Hisense TV as well.

Using Roku Channel Store (Roku)

If your Hisense TV is running on Roku OS, then here goes the procedure to install Roku Store apps.

1. Press the Home key on the Roku TV remote to go to the Roku’s home screen.

2. Navigate using the directional key of the remote to select Streaming Channels.

Add Apps on Hisense Smart TV - Roku

3. When Roku Channel Store opens up, hover to choose the Search Channels option.

4. Using the on-screen keys, search for an app you want to add to Hisense TV.

5. Select the respective app from the suggestions to go to its description page. Click the Add Channel button.

6. When it gets added, you shall use the app on your Roku based Hisense TV.

On Hisense Smart TV

If your Hisense TV, including F3 Series, has a Premium Apps section, then here are the steps to download apps.

Note: Hisense Laser TV doesn’t let you manually add or download applications as it doesn’t use internet connectivity.

1. With Hisense TV turned on; you shall need to press the Home button on the remote.

2. Navigate to click on the App Store icon to launch it on your TV.

3. Now, search or browse for the app to add from the Premium app section on Hisense TV.

4. Choose the respective app and press the OK button on the Hisense TV remote.

5. When the app gets added, you can launch it and use it.

Using VEWD App System

Since VEWD is cloud-based, installing applications on Hisense TV isn’t straightforward. The steps are as follows.

1. Press the Apps button on the Hisense TV remote controller.

2. Choose VEWD App Store and press the OK button on the remote to launch it.

Add Apps on Hisense Smart TV

3. Select an app by either searching or browsing the VEWD app store.

4. Optionally, you shall use the filter option to look for apps from specified categories alone.

5. With this, the app will open up on your Hisense TV.

That’s all about adding apps on Hisense smart TV. You shall follow the procedure as per the Hisense TV model you own to install any app. We are sure this article was useful and informative to you. Leave us a comment if you want to share any queries or suggestions.