Roku has got its official channel store called Roku Channel Store. With this, Roku users can access the official channels on Roku easily. Unlike Android, we cannot sideload apps on Roku. However, this is better compensated with the Private Channels. Many of us aren’t sure of what Private Channels on Roku are and how we can add them to Roku. The Private Channels in Roku refer to those apps or channels hidden in the Roku Channel Store. These channels will not be available publically and have to be added manually with an invitation or your Roku code. Now let us learn how to add private channels on Roku.

What are the Private Channels?

You cannot find the Private channels on the Roku Channel Store directly. Rather they are hidden or non-certified, and there are various reasons for a channel to be private.

  • The channel might be unofficial, which means it is not certified.
  • These channels need to be manually added with the invite code on your Roku account.
  • Sometimes the private channels will hold adult contents or illegal or copyright contents.
  • The app may not be verified or tested whether they are abiding by the company’s rules and regulations or not.
  • The channel may be in beta mode and not ready for the full release.
  • Few apps would require membership via invite codes.

How to Add Private Channels on Roku

Since Private Channels will not be available on the Roku Channel Store, we need to add the channels manually to the Roku player. Follow the steps given below to add non-certified channels on Roku.

Step 1: Go to Roku’s official website. You can use any of the web browsers on any device, including your Roku.

Step 2: Navigate to the sign-in page by clicking sign in. Then, log in with the Roku account credentials.

Step 3: Navigate to the My Accounts page. Then hover to the Manage Account option.

Step 4: Now, choose the Add Channel with a Code option. Code refers to an invitation code or channel access code.

Add Private Channel On Roku
Add Private Channel On Roku

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Step 5: Then enter the code of the hidden channel in the provided text space. Click on Add channel.

Add Channel to Roku
Add Channel to Roku

Step 6: Click on Yes, Add Channel to confirm the addition.

The channel gets added to your Roku in the next 24 hours.

But remember, adding these channels has its own consequences.


1. What are the risks involved in downloading a Roku Private Channel?

Non Certified Channel - Warning Roku
Non-Certified Channel – Warning Roku

Adding hidden channels may cause copyright infringements. The channel can be removed by Roku anytime without prior notice. Your Roku account can be blocked from adding any of the private channels.

2. How long will it take to add a Private Channel to Roku?

It will take 24 hours for a non-certified channel to appear on your Roku TV. To check the progress, go to Settings >> System >> System Update >> Check Now. Your private channel gets added instantly on your Roku.

3. Give some examples for Private Channels with their codes?

The Internet ArchivesNMJS5
Roku MoviesZB34AC
Nowhere TVH9DWC
Fox BusinessFOXBIZ
Videos GamesT6PH2V

You can find more codes on the app’s website or on any other third party site.

4. Is there any other way to add Private Channels on Roku?

No. Adding non-certified Roku channels to the code by the above procedure is the only available method.

5. What is meant by the Beta version?

The app is called a beta version if it isn’t rolled out yet fully. i.e., only a few members can access the app. In other words, it is in the trial phase.

We hope the article has addressed you with the necessary details about adding a private channel on Roku. Let us know your private channel choice and your queries regarding the same in the comment section below.