Minecraft is the most popular game that positioned itself as a “Sandbox game.” It is so popular as the gamer is allowed to learn while gaming. In short, Minecraft is a virtual land where the user can create their own world. The users can also experience various views using their creativity. The game is available on multiple platforms like Xbox, Smartphones, Computers, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation. Above all, this game is often referred to as virtual lego as it is so flexible with no rules to abide by. As mentioned earlier, you are allowed to create your own world to breed and tame horses. So let us see how to breed horses in the Minecraft game.

Breed horses in Minecraft game

The phrase “Breed Horses” stands for itself. Depending upon the world you built, Horses will either be your necessity or luxury. Horses play an essential role in this ecosystem. So breeding horses means potentially increasing the number of horses you own. And in turn, it will also increase the population of the horses.

1. How to get Horses?

Various Horses in Minecraft
Various Horses in Minecraft

You can find the horses in one of the three places, mostly in savannas or in plains or the village setups. Based on where you set your world, you can find the horses in herds of two to six. The horses are available in various colors like black, white, grey, brown, etc. If you have any preferences over color, you got to hunt.

Savanna – Tan grassland with few acacia trees

Plain– Grassy empty land with fewer trees

Village – A typical civilized areas in various forms

2. Requirements

To breed horses in Minecraft, you would require the following supplies.

Horses in farm
Horses in farm
  1. Two Horses (Any breed it could be unless you are looking for a specific foal)
  2. One horse and one donkey (to create mule in case)
  3. Sparks fly
  4. Two Golden Apples or Carrots

Oaktree drops the Apples, and Zombie drops carrots in the village. You can combine apples with golden ingots and carrots with the Golden nuggets.


We do have an exception here in terms of horses. The following horses wouldn’t breed.

Skeleton and Zombie horses
Skeleton and Zombie horses
  • Skeleton Horses won’t breed
  • Zombie Horses wouldn’t breed

These horses cannot be fed and bred. The only way to get Skeleton horses is to find them in the wild or Spawn eggs.

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3. Tame the Horses

First, it is vital to tam horses. Wild horses cannot be bred. So it is important to tame the horses before going for breeding. Two wild horses will not breed. Likewise, a tamed horse wouldn’t breed with a wild horse. If you want to tame wisely and efficiently, you can refer to the guides available on the game. Taming horses also includes feeding them. Taming varies in length based on the horse’s temper.

Tame Horses
Tame Horses
  1. First, pull the horses along any lead.
  2. Then tie them to the fence post.
  3. To tame, you need to mount the horse.
  4. A saddle wouldn’t be necessary.
  5. The horse will throw you off unless it is tamed completely.
  6. Repeatedly mount on the horse until fully tamed.

4. How to Breed Horses in Minecraft game

Feed Horses in Minecraft to Enter into Love Mode

The following steps work when you breed two horses in the paddock or a horse and a donkey to breed a mule.

Golden Apple and Carrot
Golden Apple and Carrot
  • Then feed each of the tamed horses with two golden apples or carrots.
  • Make sure that the horses are present within eight blocks.
  • If it is done correctly, the two animals will enter into love mode.
Horses in Love Mode
Horses in Love Mode
  • Love mode is indicated by hearts appearing above the horse.
  • Once both horses enter into love mode, they will meet, mate, and breed.
Breed horses in Minecraft game
Breed horses in Minecraft game

Love Mode

Keep the two horses 8 blocks apart, and they will meet and kiss. The new foal will appear. Once the horse enters into love mode, it will stay for 30 seconds. If not bred within this time, the heart will disappear, and the horse gets into an inactive stage. You need to feed them again.

5. Foal’s Genetic Offspring Probabilities

Finding offspring variety is very easy. There are various possibilities that you can get from the game guide. But this section summarized a few basic possibilities.

Foal when horses breed
Foal when horses breed

Minecraft Horse Breeding Chart

  • Two horses of the same color will produce the same offspring of the foal.
  • With 17.78% probability, offspring will resemble Parent A or B. Or variation of each or a combination of both.
  • There is a 44.44% chance for the horse to resemble parents.
  • The 11.11% of the offspring may differ.
Mule - Donkey and Horse breed

The temper state or the health or speed and jump strength are determined by taking an average of both the parent’s strength.

6. Down Times

  1. Two horses will not enter or be incapable of breeding for the next 5 minutes. After that, the horses can be fed and made to breed. So if you want many foals, you need to have more studs and mares.
  2. Likewise, it will take 20 minutes for the foal to attain an adult stage. Only then riding or breeding is possible. And the time can be reduced by feeding more sugar, apple, wheat, or haybales. Each number of food will reduce the time by 10%.

In earlier days, Horse breeding is one of the ways to civilize. As Minecraft is about building a world, horses are indeed an important ride or travel. That’s why people of all age groups love Minecraft. Even schools and colleges started giving educational training with this game. That was all about breeding horses in the Minecraft game. Don’t forget to drop us your queries in the comment section.