OnStar is an application with which you can take safety service from any place you go and share the status with anyone you want to share. It has so many subscription plans with different pricing. It also has a free trial version. OnStart is a subscription-based service that includes a remote key fob, voice service, vehicle locate, remote personalization, on-demand diagnostics, Alexa build-in, and so on. On the whole, it is completely a suite of diagnostic services with so many features. It is ultimately a tool of convenience and helps you in case of any emergency or help you restrict your risk. The best thing is you can cancel your OnStar subscription at any time.

how to cancel onstar

It has a long list of features that can make you feel so safe and secure. Though this application has so many features and functionalities, if you are about to cancel your OnStar subscription for some reason, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you the exact steps to cancel your OnStar service. Let’s see the step-by-step process!

How to Cancel OnStar Subscription over the Phone

1. Keep all the relevant account data ready.

2. Reach their customer service on 888-466-7827.

3. Proceed by providing your account and membership information.

4. Ask them to cancel your OnStar service. And also request a confirmation email.

Note: OnStar canceling service cannot be done online. So reaching out to their customer care is the only option.

Even after the cancellation of your OnStar service, they may be able to collect your vehicle information. So it’s better to remove your OnStar module from your vehicle.

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How to Remove OnStar Module from your Vehicle

1. Turn off your vehicle and open the trunk.

Open the Trunk

2. Remove the trunk mat upward and move the spare wheel out.

how to cancel onstar

3. And then remove the sill plate by using a screwdriver.

4. Once the sill plate is removed, you can remove the cover that covers the trunk and look at the interior.

5. You can find an OnStar box on the interior. Remove all the plugs connected to that box.

how to cancel onstar

6. Make sure the OnStar connection is disabled by starting your vehicle and press the OnStar button.

Press the Start button

7. If the line is not active, you can confirm that your OnStar connection is not working.

Canceling OnStar over the phone is the only and easiest way to cancel the OnStar service. If you no longer want to continue your OnStar service for any reason, you can follow this method to cancel your subscription instantly. Members who ask for service cancellation will get a prorated refund for costs made within the early 30 days. If you have any doubts regarding the OnStar cancellation process, you can comment on them in the below comment section.