Maintaining body fitness is one of the most important things in our life. There are ways to do it. One is to do home-based workouts, and the other way is to hit the gym. Not all peoples are fond of home-based workouts. Many will prefer the gym. In the times of the COVID pandemic, all the gyms are closed. You need to cancel the subscription to avoid being charged. If you want to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership, this guide will help you.

Planet Fitness is one of the popular fitness clubs in America having 2039 clubs. It was founded in 1992. You can cancel the Planet Fitness subscription only on a face-to-face method. There is no way to cancel the subscription on the app or website.

Planet Fitness Membership Terms

When you cancel your active Planet Fitness Membership, you need to pay the cancelation fee. For instance, if you subscribed to a one-year plan and want to cancel in between, you need to pay the cancelation fee of 58% from your subscription fee. That’s almost 6-7 months worth of subscription money. To avoid paying the cancelation fee, wait until the subscription is expired. It can’t be renewed automatically.

If you want to cancel your monthly subscription, you need to notify your home club 10 days before the billing date.

Avoid Cancellation Fee

There are some ways that you can avoid the cancelation fee even when you cancel your subscription in between.

Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription
  • If you have a prescription from your doctor for injuries, the home club will lift your cancellation fee.
  • If you are shifting your home to a new location and the home club is 40 miles away, you don’t need to pay the cancelation fee.

Steps to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

To cancel the Planet Fitness subscription, you need to follow three steps.

  • Write a Cancel Requisition Letter
  • Fix a Meeting
  • Cancel Your Subscription

Write a Cancel Requisition Letter

Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription

In your subscription form, you will find the cancelation agreement form. Write the cancelation letter as mentioned in the form or you can get the cancelation form from your home club. Include all the related information like membership number, security number, reason for cancelation, and documents to avoid cancellation (if any). Then, send the letter to the address mentioned on your subscription form.

Fix a Meeting

Fix a Meeting

After sending the letter, call your home club. The contact number can be found on the subscription form or you can use this link to know the contact number. You can call them anytime from Monday to Friday (09:00 AM to 06:00 PM). Schedule a face-to-face meeting with the customer executive. You can book a meeting only if your home club is working. If the home club is not open due to COVID, you can cancel your subscription.

Cancel Your Subscription

When you got an appointment, visit the home club and cancel your subscription. Get a cancelation statement from the club for verification. Most of us are using our credit cards for subscriptions so that it will be auto-renewed. If the next month’s subscription is auto-renewed by mistake, you can show them the cancelation statement and claim your refund.

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What if your home club is not open due to COVID? In that case, you won’t know when it will be open. For this, the Planet Fitness club revised its subscription. If you are an annual subscriber or a monthly subscriber, you will get what you signed for. For instance, if your home club is closed for 20 days in your monthly subscription, the 20 days will be added to your subscription. So, you will get 100% monthly access to the gym.

From this, it is clearly evident that the Planet Fitness club is not willing to lose their customers. There is no online way to cancel the subscription. Most peoples are not a fan of face-to-face talks. For those, Planet Fitness is not a good choice.