Spotify is one of the best online music streaming applications like Apple Music and YouTube music. You can access more than 30 million songs from different artists and albums. Spotify offers both free and premium membership. Apart from music, you can enjoy various content like podcasts and online radio. If you are no longer using Spotify and wish to cancel the service, then this article will help you to cancel the Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify App
Spotify App

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership?

Follow the steps below to cancel Spotify premium membership:

1. Go to Spotify Website and login to your account.

2. On the upper-right corner you can find the Profile icon. Click on that and choose Account.

Profile icon

3. On the Accounts page, you will find your premium membership plan under the “Your Plan” section. Below your plan details, you will find the “Change Plan” option. Click on it.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

4. Other plans will appear. Go to the “Spotify Free” plan section to find the “Cancel Premium option”. Select this option to cancel your premium plan and use the free plan.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

5. A confirmation window will open. Click on “Yes, Cancel” to cancel your membership. If prompted for a login, then login with your username and password to continue.

Your Spotify premium membership will be successfully cancelled. You can now enjoy the free version of Spotify.

Note: Cancelling membership is not available on the Spotify app version. But you can log in to Spotify on the Android and iPhone web browser to cancel the premium membership.

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How to Delete Spotify Account?

If you no longer wish to use Spotify, then you can delete your account.

1. Open the Spotify on a browser on your PC, Android or iPhone.

2. Login to the account that you want to delete.

3. Scroll down on your page and click About to open it.


4. On the About page, you will find the Customer Service section. Click on Contact US on that section.

Contact Us

5. On the Contact Spotify page, select the Account tab.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership
account section

6. On the next page, you can find various queries. Choose “I Want to Close My Account“.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

7. A new page will open. Click on “Close Account” option.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

8. A 5 step process to close your account will open. Choose the one that suits you and close your account.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

By deleting your Spotify account, your playlists and favorites will get deleted from your account as well. You cannot undo the process. But you can create a fresh Spotify account anytime your want to.