TIDAL is a music streaming application that provides you with high-quality audio and video songs. It contains more than 70+ million audio songs and 250,000 videos at your fingertips. Unlike other services, it also supports devices like Amazon Firestick, Smart TV, and all speakers. It allows you to choose the subscriptions like premium and Hi-Fi and even with a lot of features. But still, some users may feel boring and would like to cancel the subscription. In case if you are looking at how to cancel a TIDAL subscription, then this article will help you out.

How To Cancel TIDAL Subscription

There are multiple ways to say goodbye to TIDAL. Based on the device you are using, pick a method to cancel the subscription.

  • Using Android
  • Using Website
  • From Mobile Carrier
  • Using iOS

Cancel TIDAL Subscription Using Android

Step-1: Open the TIDAL app from your Android device.

Step-2: Now, select My collection.

Step-3: On the top right of the screen, click the Settings icon.

click setting option

Step-4: Then, select the Account option.

Step-5: On the next screen, click the Manage Subscription.

select manage subscription

Step-6: Now, enter your Log in id to get into your account.

Step-7: Select the Subscription option.

Step-8: Now, click on Cancel my subscription to cancel.

select cancel my subscription.

Finally, Your membership subscription will get canceled successfully through your mobile app.

Cancel TIDAL Subscription Using Website

Step-1: On your web browser, type my.tidal.com and get into the website.

Step-2: Log in to your account using your login id.

Step-3: Then, click the Manage Subscription option.

click manage subscription option.

Step-4: Now, click Subscription.

Step-5: Finally, click Cancel my subscription.

select cancel my subscription option.

Now, using your website, TIDAL membership will get canceled successfully.

Cancel TIDAL Subscription Using Mobile Carrier

Non-Sprint User:

In case if you have registered your account through your mobile provider, then you can directly contact the customer service care of your mobile carrier for cancellation.

Sprint Users:

For the users who have registered with their Sprint device, follow the steps given below to cancel the TIDAL subscription.

Step-1: Log in to www.sprint.com/tidal.

Step-2: Click the My Sprint option.

Step-3: Now, you can contact the sprint customer care support.

Cancel TIDAL Subscription Using iPhone or iPad

Step-1: Click the Settings option.

Step-2: Tap on your Apple ID.

Step-3: Tap the Subscription option.

Step-5: Click the TIDAL Subscription option.

Step-6: Now, select Cancel to confirm the cancellation.

Now, the cancellation is done successfully for the iPhone/iPad users.

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These are the simples ways in which you can get rid of your TIDAL subscription. Once the subscription is canceled, the app will give you the end date of your subscription plan until that you can enjoy using your TIDAL app with the subscription privileges.