UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Fight Pass is an all-in-one subscription to watch UFC matches. Apart from Pay-per-view matches, you can get access to UFC events like Prelims, Early Prelims, UFC Fight Nights, and a fight library of more than 20,000 fights. UFC Fight Pass costs $9.99 per month and $95.99 per year. If you want, you can cancel the UFC Fight Pass subscription anytime you want.

With UFC Fight Pass, you can stream all the videos from the UFC app. Like the Netflix subscription, you have to use the website or respective app store to cancel the UFC subscription. By using the UFC app, you can’t manage your subscriptions.

Ways To Cancel UFC Fight Pass Subscription

  • Using Website
  • Using Play Store
  • From App Store

Using Website

Step-1: Go to the UFC website on your PC or smartphone.

Step-2: Sign in with your UFC Fight Pass account.

Step-3: Click the My Account tab on the top of the UFC webpage.

Step-4: On the My Account tab, click the My Subscriptions option.

Step-5: Now, your subscription details will appear on the webpage.

Step-6: Click the Cancel Subscription button under the My Subscriptions option.

How to Cancel UFC Fight Pass Subscription

Step-7: On the confirmation screen, select the Yes button.

Using Google Play

Step-1: On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store.

Step-2: On the left side, select the Hamburger icon.

How to Cancel UFC Fight Pass Subscription

Step-3: Now, select Subscription from the available list.

Subscriptions option

Step-4: Find the UFC Fight Pass subscription and tap on it.

Step-5: On the next screen, tap the Cancel Subscription button.

Step-6: Now, click Confirm to cancel the UFC Fight Pass subscription.

Using App Store

Step-1: Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step-2: On the Settings screen, click on your Apple ID.

How to Cancel UFC Fight Pass Subscription

Step-3: Select the Subscriptions option.

Subscriptions option

Step-5: Then, the list of subscriptions will appear on the screen.

Step-6: Now, select UFC Fight Pass subscription.

Step-7: On the next screen, click the Cancel Subscription.

These are the three ways to cancel the UFC Fight Pass subscription. Remember that you will not get any refund from UFC, even for the yearly subscription. Instead of a refund, you can access the premium service until the subscription expires. Then, the subscription will be removed automatically.