Wall Street Journal, aka WSJ, is an American business-focused international English daily newspaper in New York City. It is a subscription-based newspaper service that costs around $28.99/month for All Access Pack and $4.99/month for Basic Digital Pack. By subscribing to All Access, you will access the WSJ tablet app, full WSJ.com access, smartphone app, and WSJ+ Premium Membership. However, there is no mobile app access for the Digital pack available yet. For any reason, one might want to unsubscribe it, and it requires guidelines. Hence, we have decided to help you with how to cancel the WSJ subscription.

The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal

Checklist for WSJ Cancellation

1) Before you opt to cancel WSJ, it is better to check your subscription agreement to know some basic details like:

  • What is the subscription plan?
  • When will it end?
  • What are other basic mandatory account details like user ID etc.,?
  • What is the billing cycle of your subscription?

2) You can cancel the monthly and quarterly subscriptions at any time. You get no refund, and you can access the WSJ until the current billing period. As far as the semi-annual months or yearly subscriptions is concerned, you must cancel it at least two months before the subscription term ends. Or else you wouldn’t receive the refund.

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3) Semi-annual or annual membership will deny your access once after the cancellation. But for the monthly or quarterly subscription, you get to access the contents until the next billing period.

4) If you have opted for a bundled subscription, you wouldn’t receive any refund upon canceling it. i.e., if your subscription is bundled with other devices, like mobile phones or tablets, your subscription will be considered non-cancelable or non-refundable.

5) You should check whether you have subscribed to WSJ through any third-party source, like Amazon or iBook. It means you’re subjected to the end-user agreement of the third-party source. So to cancel the WSJ, you have to contact the respective third-party source. For further support, you can get the instructions from the WSJ customer care.

For more terms and conditions on WSJ, you shall reach out the Customer care for cancellation.

How to Cancel WSJ Subscription?

You can cancel the WSJ subscription by contacting customer care via phone, and until now, this is the only available option. The following are the customer care contact numbers to cancel the WSJ membership.

  • For US Customers
    • The Wall Street Journal: 1-800-JOURNAL or Toll: 1-609-627-1351
    • Barron’s Magazine: 1-800-544-0422 or Toll: 1-609-520-4800
  • For Customers Outside the US
    • EMEA Region: +44(0)20 3426 1313
    • APAC Region: 800 901 216
Cancel WSJ subscription
Cancel WSJ subscription

Step 1: Contact any of the above numbers. If you subscribed through a third-party provider, then contact their customer care.

Step 2: Then provide them with your subscription details and account number. If you miss any details, you can get them from the representative by providing your name.

Step 3: You shall ask them to cancel your WSJ subscription.

Step 4: You shall get to know whether you are eligible for a full or partial refund. And confirm the time to complete the cancellation.

Once the phone conversation is cut, you will get a confirmation message or mail.

The conversation part will be based on the one who is attending on the other line. They might ask for the reason and may convince you to continue. There will be persuasion and marketing involved. Handling is totally up to you.

And that is it. You are now done with the WSJ cancellation. Have any queries you would like to ask us instead of the customer care executive? Use the comment section.