Zoosk is a trustworthy online dating app that connects you with the people around you. Using the Zoosk app, you can find your best pair, perfect partner, and love of your life. The app provides you the security for your photos and information. Using this app more than 50,000 users found their perfect partner. The thing about dating app is that you no longer need the app when you have found your perfect partner. If you had found your perfect pair, you no longer need the Zoosk subscription. You can cancel the Zoosk subscription and enjoy your love life.

Ways to Cancel Zoosk Subscription

Though the Zoosk app is available for all smartphones, you have to use the Zoosk website to cancel the subscription, just like Netflix.

  • Using Computer
  • Using Smartphone
  • From iTunes

How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription: Using Computer

Step-1: On your web browser, go to the Zoosk website.

Step-2: Log in with your Zoosk account.

Step-3: Select the Settings icon next to your profile icon.

Step-4: Under the Settings menu, click the Subscription menu.

Step-5: This will direct you to the Subscription page.

Step-6: Now, select the Cancel Subscription button on the bottom of the webpage.

Cancel Zoosk Subscription

Step-7: Then, click on the Unsubscribe button and choose the preferred cancellation reason.

Step-8: After choosing the reason, confirm your cancellation by tapping the Confirm button.

Step-9: Once the cancellation is done, you will get a screen with the end date of your subscription.

How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription: Using Smartphone

Step-1: Go to the Zoosk website on your smartphone.

Step-2: Log in to your Zoosk account.

Step-3: Tap the Three-lined icon on the top left corner.

Step-4: Now, select the Settings icon (Gear icon) from the list.

Step-5: Then, select the Subscription option.

Step-6: Under Subscriptions, tap the Cancel Subscription button.

Step-7: Provide a reason for the cancellation.

Step-7: Then, click the Confirm button.

Step-7: Now, the Zoosk subscription will be canceled and you will get the end date of your subscription.

How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription: Using iTunes

Step-1: Open the Settings app on your Apple device.

Cancel Zoosk Subscription

Step-2: Tap the Apple ID on the top.

Step-3: Now, click the Subscriptions option.

Step-4: Click Cancel subscription.

Step-5: Then, scroll down and choose the Zoosk subscription button.

Step-6: On the next screen, tap the Cancel Subscription button.

Cancel Zoosk Subscription

Step-7: On the confirmation pop-up, tap the Confirm button.

Confirm button

These are the three ways to cancel the Zoosk subscription. Pick a way that suits your preferences. Among all the dating apps, only Tinder provides the cancellation from the app. If you have any issues with the Zoosk platform, mention that in the comments below.