Airdrop is the most common method of sharing files among iOS and Mac devices. It was done by turning on your WiFi and Bluetooth to share files instantly. The process of sharing is done completely offline without any use of the internet. Airdrop create a peer to peer (P2P) sharing environment between transferring device and receiving device for secured file transmission. You can recognize to whom you are sharing files by Airdrop names. In a newly bought iOS device, Airdrop’s name mostly is the iPhone name. In order to change the Airdrop name, you need to change your iPhone name by following the article below.

How to Change Airdrop name?

Airdrop name varies for each device. You can change the name using

  1. iPhone
  2. Mac

How to Change Airdrop’s name on the iPhone?

[1] Open Settings in your iOS devices.

[2] Navigate to General under settings.

general - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[3] Select About from the top of the general settings.

About - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[4] Tap on Name.

Name - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[5] Change the name as you wish and tap on done.

Type name

Now your Airdrop name will also get changed to the new name.

How to Change Airdrop name on Mac?

[1] Open System Preference in your Mac device by pressing command + Space in your keyboard and search for System preference.

System preference

[2] Click on Sharing under system preference.

Sharing - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[3] Click on Edit button below the computer name.

edit - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[4] Enter the name of your choice and press OK.


[5] Now your device name is changed and at the same time your Airdrop name also be changed.

How to Use Airdrop on an iOS device?

[1] Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your iOS device but swiping down. (sometime it will automatically turn on while using airdrop).

Wifi and bluetooth - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[2] Open Settings in your iOS device.

[3] Tap on General settings.

[4] Under General settings, select Airdrop.

Airdrop - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[5] Select Contacts only (only paired person) or Everyone (all airdrop available devices nearby) to share file.

Contact only or everyone

[6] Open any image or video or any file to share.

[7] Click on share icon.


[8] Select device from the list Airdrop share.

How to Use Airdrop on Mac Devices?

[1] Open any image or file in your Mac device to share.

[2] Right click on the file and click on share

[3] Under share select Airdrop.


[4] Select the destination you need to share in it.

Everyone - How to Change the Airdrop Name?

[5] Now your file is share to the destined user.

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So change your Airdrop name and start using it to transfer files easily. If you have any queries, make use of the comment section below.