Apple and Google are arch-rivals in many ways. Android OS and iOS is one of the best examples for it. Yet, the connection between the two products is smoother, and the rivalry does not affect the users. Google’s Chromecast is all you need to transfer any content from a smartphone or PC to smart TV. Besides Windows, you can cast content from your Mac to Chromecast connected devices. However, the built-in Safari browser of macOS doesn’t let you cast any media files to Chromecast. It is because macOS doesn’t hold the Chrome browser, and the process of Chromecasting isn’t straightforward. So you should install the Chrome browser on your Mac. Check if you are using the latest version of macOS on your PC.

Install Chrome on Mac

(1) On your Mac, download the Chrome installation file from the Google Chrome website (

Chromecast from Mac

(2) After the download, go to the Download location and run the file named googlechrome.dmg

(3) A pop-up window will open. Drag the Chrome browser to the Application folder.

Chrome browser

(4) For verification, you have to enter your admin password.

(5) The Chrome browser will be installed and will open up automatically.

(6) Now, go to the Finder menu and delete the installation file.

Finder menu

(7) After that, you can use the Chrome browser on your Mac.

Chromecast Mac Using Chrome

Before getting into the guide, connect your Mac to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast. The following steps work if you have done with Chromecast setup using Android or iOS.

(1) Open the Chrome browser on your Mac PC.

(2) On the browser, navigate to tap the three-dotted icon on the top-most right corner of the screen.

(3) On the list of options, choose the Cast option.

Cast option

(4) Turn on the toggle to Always on. It will enable the Cast icon on the Extension bar.

(5) When you want to cast something, click the Cast icon.

(6) Now, choose your Chromecast TV name. The media file will appear on your TV.

(7) If the website you are using has a built-in Cast icon, you can simply tap the Cast icon on the webpage and choose your Chromecast device. (For Netflix and YouTube).

(8) If you want to mirror your Mac screen, tap the Cast to drop-down.

Chromecast from Mac

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(9) The Select source pop-up will appear. Choose any of the options respectively.

  • Under Share your Screen:
    • Cast tab: This will mirror the current working tab.
    • Cast desktop: This will mirror your Mac’s entire screen.
  • Under Stream a video or audio file
    • Cast file: If you want to cast any offline stored file, like locally stored video or audio, you can choose this option.
Chromecast from Mac

If the Cast icon is not appearing on the Extension bar, check whether the Chrome browser is updated or not. If you have the older version, the Cast icon won’t appear.

With this guide, you can cast all the media files to your Chromecast connected TV from Mac. By choosing Cast file, you can cast files like PPT, PDF to the Chromecast connected TV. Chrome is not an ideal browser for Mac PCs. So, when using the Chrome browser on Mac, you may have some buffering issues.