YouTube is a popularly known and used video streaming option by almost everyone. It is the greatest platform to stream what the world is watching. YouTube users can explore videos, subscribe to channels, upload videos, and more. While it is a cast-ready app, you can Chromecast YouTube to the big screen. With this, you no longer have to rely on a tiny screen to watch your favorite content. Rather, Chromecast YouTube videos to watch it in high quality and higher resolution.

How to Chromecast YouTube Videos?

You shall screen cast YouTube content to Chromecast TV using the following methods.

  • Cast YouTube from Phone
  • Cast YouTube Videos from PC

How to Chromecast YouTube Videos using Smartphones?

If you have the YouTube app installed on Android or iOS devices, then you can cast videos to Chromecast connected TV.

1. Begin with connecting smartphone and Chromecast TV to the same WiFi.

2. Go to the Apps section on your handheld to select and launch the YouTube app.

3. Look for Cast icon at the top of YouTube home screen and click on it.

4. Choose the Chromecast device you want to cast and click the Play button.

Choose Cast TV

5. On YouTube app, select a video you want to cast to TV from your phone.

6. With this, the video will get screen cast to Chromecast connected TV.

7. To stop casting, select Cast button again and click on Disconnect.

How to Chromecast YouTube from Desktop or Laptop?

Since YouTube is accessible from the browser, you shall cast from your desktop or laptop PC.

1. You need to connect your PC and Chromecast TV to the same WiFi.

2. Launch the Chrome web browser on your desktop.

3. On the search bar, type in the address as and press Enter.

4. Now browse or search for a video using the search bar of YouTube and select it.

5. Hover to click on the select Cast icon at the bottom on the YouTube video.

Select Cast icon to Chromecast YouTube Videos

6. On the Cast to tab, choose Chromecast TV. Under Sources, select the Cast tab.

7. When the connection gets established, the video will get screencast to Chromecast TV.

8. Click on the Cast icon on the browser to select the Disconnect option to stop screen casting.

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With the official cast support, either of the methods will help you screen casting YouTube to Chromecast. For any questions, leave a comment below.