Roku is a streaming device with a remote control option. With the remote provided, you can navigate easily on a Roku device. To stream anything on Roku, we should have an internet connection. During the initial setup, you should connect your Roku to your WiFi network, and Roku connects to the same network automatically whenever you turn it on. If you change your WiFi settings, Roku won’t recognize the network. Now, can we connect Roku to WiFi without a remote? Yes, we can with the old WiFi name and password that the Roku device used. This article will provide the information to connect Roku to WiFi without the remote.

Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote using Mobile Hotspot

1) On your Smartphone, go to the Settings menu and click on Mobile Hotspot.

2) Next, click on Set up Mobile Hotspot to open the Hotspot menu.

Set up Mobile Hotspot to connect Roku to WIFI without remote

3) Now, you will be prompted to continue to the menu, click on Ok to continue.

4) Change the WiFi name and password like the old WiFi used on the Roku device.

5) And change the security to WPA1 PSK.

Enter the WIFI name and Password to connect Roku to WIFI without remote

6) Now, turn on the mobile hotspot, and the Roku device will recognize the mobile hotspot as a home WiFi network.

7) And your Roku device will connect to the hotspot automatically.

8) Now, leave your phone aside, don’t do anything with that.

How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote using Roku App

Note: You need two Smartphones for this process.

1) Download and install the Roku app from Play Store or App Store.

2) Connect your second smartphone to the mobile hotspot like before you have connected.

3) Next, open the Roku app and go to the remote controls.

Open the remote control in your Roku app

4) Now, you can control the Roku device with the Smartphone.

5) Using your phone, go to Settings on Roku.

6) On the next screen, select Network.

From your phone go to settings and network

7) Then, select Wired if your Roku device supports an Ethernet port. Otherwise, select Wireless and click on Set up new Wireless connection.

Select wireless to connect Roku to WIFI without remote

8) Then, your Roku will scan for the nearby WiFi connections. When it finds your WiFi, click on it.

Scan for the network available to connect Roku to WIFI without remote

9) On the next screen, enter the new password and click on Connect.

Enter the WIFI password

10) The Roku device will look for the wireless connection, and you will get a notification when it is connected.

11) After getting connected, you will not be able to control the device with the Smartphone.

12) Now, you can connect to the new WiFi on Smartphone to control the device with the Roku app.

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Wrapping Up

The user should have the Roku app on their smartphone to connect Roku to WiFi without a remote. If you follow the steps clearly, you can do it without mistake. If you have any suggestions or queries, post it in the comments section.