Email is one of the most integral parts of any smartphone. It helps you sync everything with it so that you can reach your content and preferences from any new device anytime. Sometimes we may feel like changing our email account or you may have to delete professional mail accounts when you leave an organization. All our smartphones are absolutely based on email logins and the iPhone is no exception in that matter. This workaround will discuss how to delete an Email account from iPhone is the simplest way.

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Delete an Email Account from iPhone

iPhone’s mail app is a place where you can access various Emails. But in order to remove an Email account, you need to use the Settings app. By removing the Email account you can easily cancel all the syncs. Follow the steps give below.

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone.

iPhone Settings Passwords and Accounts
iPhone Settings Passwords and Accounts

Step 2: Now scroll down and locate the Passwords and Accounts option. Tap it.

Step 3: Then in this page tap Mail or Contacts. This depends on the iOS version.

Step 4: On the next page choose Accounts. And then select the Email account you like to remove.

Remove an Email Account from iPhone
Remove an Email Account from iPhone

Step 5: Now tap Delete Account. Turn off the toggles to disable the syncs.

Step 6: Next, confirm the deletion by tapping Delete or Delete from My iPhone.

Alternative Ways

Following are the few alternative ways in which you can delete an Email account from an iPhone.

  • Settings app >> Passwords and Accounts >> Choose an Email account. In the case of the IMAP account disable the mail toggle and in the POP account turn off the Account toggle.
  • Turn off Notifications – Settings app >> Passwords and Accounts >> Choose an Email account. Tap Fetch New Data and then choose Manually. Or turn off the Allow Notifications toggle.
  • Hide mailbox from Mail app – Open the Mail app. Swipe left then tap Edit. Uncheck the mail ID and tap Done. Then save the changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the considerations before removing an Email ID?

It will remove all the Emails. And it will also delete Calendars, to-do, notes and contacts.

2. Does deleting account from iPhone delete all the stuff associated?

No. Actually deleting the account from iPhone only deletes the mails on the particular iPhone and access to the Email ID on the iPhone. You can access the contents from the associated websites or the mail app from any other mobile phone. Keep in mind that it remains logged in all other devices, only on iPhone the account is logged out.

3. Can I delete an Email account from other devices for iPhone?

No you have to use iPhone to delete the mail account on the particular phone.

Hope this workaround has provided what you are looking for. Still, have doubts? We have a comment section where you can clear yours.