Macbooks are the most sophisticated personal computers to use. With the intuitive UI, it makes the best for all types of users. The web browser in Macbooks, Safari is the most comfortable browser to use. In the browser, you can edit things that suit your preferences. In the Favorites bar, you can add bookmarks, create folders, and more. You can also add or delete Favorites on Mac with ease.

The Favorites tab in the Mac is used to access the most-used folders, recently visited websites, and your favorite contents. With all this information, there are chances that the Favorites tab in Mac may be filled with more information. In that situation, you need to delete some of the websites and data stored in the Favorites tab on your Mac.

Favorites on Mac

In Mac PCs, the Favorites bar will appear on the top of the webpage when you are in the new tab. If it is showing on the top, you need to turn on the Show Favorites Bar option. To do so,

(1) Open the Safari browser to check whether the Favorites bar is showing or not. If it appears, skip to the next section to delete information from the Favorites.

(2) If it is not appearing, go to the View option the Menu bar.

(3) Choose the Show Favorites Bar. You can also use the shortcut key, Command + Shift + B.

Delete Favorites on Mac

(4) Now, the Favorites bar will appear on the top.

Delete Favorites on Mac

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How to Delete Favorites on Mac (Safari)?

(1) Once you get the Favorites bar, you will get all the saved bookmarks and website on the top.

(2) To delete a specific bookmark, right-click on the bookmark, and choose the Remove option.

Remove option

(3) The bookmark will be removed.

Note: You can also remove a bookmark by dragging it and releasing the mouse button when you see the Remove (X) symbol.

(4) If you want to delete two or more bookmarks from the Favorites on your Mac, click the Sidebar icon on the top.

(5) This will open the Navigation menu on the left side of the browser. Click the Edit button.

Edit button

(6) Now, click the drop-down icon on the Favorites option.

(7) This will display all the bookmarks stored in the Favorites. Select the bookmarks that you want to delete.

Delete Favorites on Mac

(8) Then, click the Delete button on your keyboard.

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Favorites in Mac is the same as Bookmarks in Windows but with some additional features. Delete the unwanted and unused bookmarks from the Favorites bar and keep your Mac compact and clean. If you want to know any other information about Mac and Favorites, tell us in the comments below.