Almost all of the apps are adding dark mode support considering the user’s concern about their health. Messenger isn’t an exception as Facebook has given native dark mode support to its interface. It is a very helpful feature if you are using Messenger frequently during the night. Upon enabling FB Messenger dark mode, the users can stay away from bright white light. Here is what you need to know about it.

Benefits of using Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Messenger dark theme cuts the glare that you otherwise get on a low light space. Thus your eyes will not get exposes to bright lights. This in turn will not bring in eye strain or sleep disorder.

The dark or black interface is more appealing than the white background. As a result, users can comfortably use the chat interface to read and type messages on Messenger.

How to Turn on Facebook Messenger Dark Mode?

Since Messenger is a multi-platform app, the section covers the steps to enable a dark theme on all of them.

Messenger Dark Mode on Smartphone (Android & iOS)

Follow the steps given below while using the Messenger app while on your handheld to enable the dark theme.

1. On your Android or iOS screen, select Messenger app to launch it.

2. Go to the upper-most left corner of the screen to click on your Profile icon.

3. Tap on the slider next to Dark Mode option to enable it.

How to Enable Dark Mode on FB Messenger

4. With this, Messenger interface will get a dark appearance.

How to Enable Dark Mode on FB Messenger

Note: Just pressing the slider once again will turn off the dark mode.

Messenger Dark Mode on PC (Windows & Mac)

Desktop users can make use of its built-in dark mode support to use it better in low lighting.

1. Launch Messenger app on your laptop or desktop PC.

Note: If you are using Messenger on the browser, then change the theme of your browser to dark theme.

2. Hover to click on the Settings or Gear icon from the top-left corner.

3. When the menu extends, select Appearance.

4. Select Dark among the other option to use Messenger in dark theme.

Choose Dark option

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Enabling and disabling the dark theme on Facebook Messenger is such a simple thing. For any queries or clarifications, you shall drop a comment below.