YouTube is a video streaming platform with the largest video library in the world. It has over a billion viewers and millions of creators from all around the world. Also, it is completely free for its users with limited ads. To get an ad-free version, then subscribe to YouTube Premium for $11.99 per month with a one-month free trial where you get additional features like an ad-free video streaming experience, background music, access to YouTube Music, and YouTube original contents. Also, Youtube has a dark theme feature on all its available devices. You can easily enable Dark Mode on Youtube on all the available devices.

Need to Enable Dark Mode in YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used streaming apps. People who are watching videos during the night or in a low light area may find it difficult to watch. To reduce your eye strain and provide a stress-free video watching experience, YouTube has a Dark Mode that enables you to watch the video with reduced glare and an improved night viewing experience.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android?

[1] Open YouTube App in your Android device.


[2] Click on the profile icon from the top right corner.

Youtube - YouTube Dark Mode

[3] Select Settings from the menu.

[4] Under settings, click on General settings.

General - YouTube Dark Mode

[5] Select Appearance from the menu.

Apearance - YouTube Dark Mode

[6] Now choose your theme to Dark theme

dark theme

You can also change your device theme to dark and it will be applied automatically to YouTube.

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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iOS?

[1] Open YouTube App in your iOS device.

[2] Click on the profile icon on the right corner of the app.

Youtube - YouTube Dark Mode

[3]Select Setting from the menu.


[4] Under settings tap on appearance settings

Appearance - YouTube Dark Mode

[5] Now select the Dark theme from the appearance to enable dark mode.

Dark theme

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Web?

[1] Open any browser in your PC.

[2] Visit the site in your browser.

[3] Click on the profile icon from the top right corner.

profile icon

[4] Now click on Dark theme

dark theme - on

[5] Turn on the dark theme toggle to enable dark mode.

Dark theme toggle - YouTube Dark Mode

Now you can watch all your favorite videos on YouTube day and night without straining your eyes by using the dark theme on your YouTube. If your hanging with any doubts about the above article makes use of the comment section below.