Nowadays, remembering the phone number is very difficult, and most of them rely on the phone book. However, at some point, you have to remember your phone number. For example, you have to provide your number to a new person and left the phone book in the home. Don’t worry. If you’re an iPhone user, you can find the number easily. The following section will show the possible ways to find the phone number on the iPhone.

There are three ways to find your phone number on the iPhone:

  • Using the Phone App
  • Via Settings
  • Using iTunes on PC

Find your iPhone number using the Phone App

[1] Open the Phone app on your iOS device.

Phone app - How to Find Phone number on iPhone?

[2] Select the contact tab from the panel below.

[3] Tap on My card on the top with your profile name and image.

My card

[3] You can find your Phone and all other details provided in your contact card.

How to Find Phone number on iPhone?

Note – You can use this method only if you have configured your details on the My Card section. Upon purchasing, it is advisable to configure the data that are hard to remember.

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Find your iPhone number via Settings

[1] Open Settings in your iPhone.

[2] Scroll down till you find the Phone option.

Phone tab

[3] Inside the phone settings, you can see your phone number under the My Number section.

My number

Get your Phone number using iTunes

[1] Connect your iPhone to a PC using the USB cable and tap on Allow (if prompted to establish a connection between the PC and your iPhone).

[2] Now, open iTunes on your PC. (If not available, download it from the store).


[3] Click on your iPhone name from the left menu panel.

[4] Under the Settings, select Summary to view your iPhone information.


[5] On the summary tab, you can see the phone number along with the device serial number.

How to Find Phone number on iPhone?

These are three simple ways to find your phone number on your iPhone and iOS devices with cellular support in it. If you have doubts about the article, make use of the comment section below. For more tech articles, updates, tips, and tricks, explore TechPlip.