Facebook Messenger is a messaging app for Facebook through which you can chat with your friends. Now, it has extended its chat support to Instagram. Also, you can even manage your phone messages through messenger. Most importantly, the Facebook messenger can be accessed from the Galaxy smartwatch directly to view and reply to messenger messages. In this article, let’s see how to get Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Get Facebook Messenger On Samsung Galaxy Watch

Download wearable and Facebook Messenger app

[1] Download the latest version of the Wearable app on your Android/iOS smartphone.

Note – If you have already installed the app, update it to the latest version.

Samsung wear

[2] Also, Download the latest version of the Facebook messenger app from your Play Store/App Store.


[3] Login to the messenger with your Facebook account.

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Pair with Samsung Galaxy Watch

[4] Turn on Bluetooth in your device and open Wearable app.

bluetooth - How to get Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch

[5] Select your Galaxy watch from the list of smartwatches.

pick your device

[6] Click on OK to confirm the Bluetooth pairing request.

paring - ok

[7] Now your watch and smartphone has been connected and synced.

Enable Messenger Notification

[8] In Galaxy wearable app, tap on the Notifications option.


[9] Inside notifications, turn on the notifications toggle (if not) and choose Apps to get Notifications from.

Aps to get notifiaction

[9] Choose All to display apps in your smartphone.

All - How to get Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch

[10] Scroll down to messenger from the apps and turn on the toggle to receive notifications.

How to get Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Note: If you can’t see the messenger app inside notifications, you need to update your watch software to the latest version.

How to Update Galaxy Smartwatch Software

[1] Open Wearable app on your smartphone.

[2] Navigate to Watch software update under the home tab.

watch software update

[3] Tap on Download and install to check for update.

download and install

[4] If there is any update available for your watch, then it will display the updated information.

[5] Click on Install now button below.

install now - How to get Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Note: Watch will be disconnected from the wearable app while installing the update and automatically reconnects when the update is done.

[6] Once the update is installed, you can avail of all the new features on your Samsung Galaxy watch.

This is how you can install and receive notifications from Facebook messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can also reply to that notification via quick reply, emoji, and typing manually. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below. For more tech updates and articles, explore the site.