In the PC keyboard, the symbols and special characters are limited. Only a few special characters are available. For most of the characters, we need to use the Alt codes. There is only one star symbol available on the keyboard. But what if you want a different star symbol? In such a case, you need to use some other methods to enter it.

Most of the time, we used to copy-paste the special character from the website. If you know the correct alt code for a character, you can insert the character without the long process.

Star Symbol on Keyboard

Num Pad Key

In a standard keyboard, the star symbol is in two positions. You can press the star symbol from the Num pad. But in some laptop keyboards, the Num pad won’t be available. In that case, you can press the keyboard combination Shift + 8 to get the star symbol (*).

Shift + 8

How to Type Star Symbol on Keyboard In WordPad?

(1) Open the WordPad on your PC and place the cursor where you want to insert the star symbol.

(2) Go to Insert tab on the Toolbar.

(3) Now, click the Symbols drop-down option on the top right of the screen.

Star Symbol on Keyboard

(4) Tap the More Symbols button.

Star Symbol on Keyboard

(5) Now, you will get the Symbol dialog box. Search for Star symbol.

(6) Generally, star symbols will be listed under Windings 2 category. Here, you will get a different star symbol. You can choose the symbol based on your preference.

Star Symbol on Keyboard

The alt code of the star symbol (*) is Alt + 42. Use the num keys available on the Num pad. If you use the num keys that are placed above the alphabets, the alt codes won’t work.

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These are the different star symbols and how to enter them with the keyboard shortcuts. Just remember the alt code of the most frequently used star symbol and ignore the copy-paste method. If you want to know the specif Alt code for any different characters, tell us in the comments below.