Nintendo Switch is the most powerful gaming console with lots of interesting games. Just like smartphones, Switch has software and it can be jailbroken. Carrying out the process of jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch lets its users unlock its hidden options or features which otherwise isn’t for others. As a result, users can install additional apps, games, and more that aren’t available officially. Although you can jailbreak Nintendo for more possibilities or overcome some of the device limitations, it isn’t most recommended. For more information, you shall read the section below.

Why isn’t Jailbreaking Nintendo Switch isn’t Recommended?

Jailbreaking switch involves lots of things that you would want to know beforehand. It is our sole responsibility to bring them into your knowledge for all good.

Jailbreak Nintendo Switch

1. The Jailbreaking process on Switch will sometimes fail and in that case, you cannot replace it. Because jailbreaking is a process of tweaking its OS and is against Nintendo’s policy. So, you shall not expect Nintendo to replace the jailbroken one with a new one.

2. You shall not be able to claim your warranty if you have one after your Switch is jailbroken. It is to note that such devices can easily be identified by the developer.

3. As jailbreaking itself is against the device manufacturer’s expression and requirements, it neither takes your device for service nor does it function your Switch anymore.

4. The last but important thing you should make a note of is jailbreaking isn’t a guaranteed process. So, it may either work if you have some luck or might go without working.

You shall hence proceed to the section below if you absolutely don’t consider any of the above risks listed above.

How to Jailbreak Nintendo?

Using Homebrew Launcher is the easiest and safest option to jailbreak Nintendo Switch.

What you Need?

  • Computer or laptop
  • Micro SD card
  • Nintendo Switch 3.0 or later

Important! Although Nintendo old version can be upgraded to 3.0, it doesn’t let you revert back the changes.

1. To download the Nx-Hbmenu version 2.0 zip file, visit on PC using the web browser.

2. Connect your Micro SD card into the PC and wait for it to get detected.

3. Now, copy the file named hubmenu.nro and paste it on the root menu of the SD card.

4. Eject the SD card from PC and connect it into the Nintendo console.

5. Navigate to the Connection Settings and configure DNS server.

6. If prompted, you need to provide the DNS as and then opt for a connection test.

7. Click on the Install option to proceed further.

8. Now, restart the Switch and perform a connection test once again.

9. Wait for the connection test to complete. Check if you have got 2000-1337 on your screen. This means Nintendo jailbreak is successful.

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Guidelines to Install Homebrew Apps & Games

After you jailbreak Nintendo Switch, you shall install Homebrew apps and games.

1. Launch the web browser on PC and visit using the search bar.

2. Choose to download anything between games, apps, emulators, file servers, launchers, etc. Click on the Download Here button.

3. When redirected to the GitHub page, you need to Download the assert file.

4. Copy and paste the download file on the micro SD card.

5. Then connect the SD card init to the jailbroken Nintendo Switch and install the files you have downloaded onto the Switch.

This way you can take advantage of the restrictions provided by the Nintendo Switch and access it to its fullest. Remember this involves high risk and we aren’t recommending anything against the developer of the console.