A fake email address? Is it a fraud? Is it a crime? Is it illegal? Of course, they are. Then, why do we need it? There are a lot of reasons to create a fake email address. You can use it for a good purpose too. Then the question will be how to create or make a fake email address? Can we create it with the normal Email service? Or should we look for any other options? If so, what are the requirements? We have come up with solutions for all the above questions.

Reasons to Create a Fake Email Address

First of all, let’s discuss some of the primary reasons to create a fake email id.

  • To prevent yourself from being tracked. Email IDs are the ones that are mainly used to track down your data. To avoid those kinds of tracking, you can use a temporary email address.
  • To learn ethical hacking and other related activities.
  • For marketing purposes, major online merchants and e-commerce services will keep on using your email address. You can use the fake email id on those sites.
  • To stay anonymous and hide your identity while downloading torrent files or copyrighted files.
  • To back up the emails that aren’t too important and personal.
  • You can also use a fake email id for unofficial purposes.

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DISCLAIMER – Techplip has no affiliation with the below-mentioned services, and we aren’t responsible for any privacy issues while using those services. Use these services at your own risk.

How to Make a Fake Email ID

Find a Service Provider

The steps to create a fake Email ID differs with respect to the service provider you choose. Yes, the first step in creating a fake Email ID is to find a service provider. Main providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hot mail would also serve the purpose. But, they are permanent and easily trackable by the ISP. If you really want to stay out of these, here are a few suggestions:

Fake Mail Service Providers
Fake Mail Service Providers
Service ProvidersFeatures
10minutemail (Free)The email address lasts only for 10 minutes.
Avoid spam and other issues.
Extend the time up to 100 minutes.
Temp-mail (Free)Lasts for a certain amount of time.
Stay secured.
Free from advertisements and hackers.
Email on Deck (Free)Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly.
Avoid spams.
Temporary mails.
Throawaymail (Free)For sign up and confirmation purposes.
Unlimited Fake IDs.
The time limit is 48 hours.
Trashmail (Free)Conventional mailbox function.
No registration and you can get 16 domain names.
SSL data encryption.
(Free to $159/month)
No registration.
Auto-deletion after few hours.
Upgrade, privacy, and storage options.
Guerrillamail (Free)Mobile access.
One hour of email lifespan.
Attachments up to 150 MB.
Dispostable (Free)Unlimited email IDs.
Simple and good UI.
Ideal for beginners and suggests random names.
Yopmail (Free)The mail lasts up to 8 days.
Optional registration process.
Auto-generated inbox and no password.

Few other options are

  1. Email Generator (Free and lasts for 231 days)
  2. Fake Mail Generator (Free)
  3. Emailfake.com (Free and lasts for 231 days)
  4. MailCatch
  5. Getnada
  6. OwlyMail
  7. Moakt
  8. Luxusmail
  9. Generator
  10. MyTemp
  11. Mint Email
  12. Mail Drop

Choose the service that you want and generate a fake email address. We strongly advise you not to use the fake email id for illegal purposes. Even though they are anonymous, you could be traced down with an ID address.

Note – You can also create Email IDs via PHP or Unix command line. But, it requires proper coding knowledge.

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