Apple Watch is the most feature-rich wearable ever. This smartwatch, when paired with the iPhone, will simplify lots of tasks. While it is most often used for tracking health and fitness, it does little more extra like responding to messages, listening to music, etc. For all these and more, watchOS needs to be paired up with the iPhone. You shall leave your iPhone behind once after you pair Apple Watch to iPhone. With this, you can track your sleep, steps, calories burnt, heart rate, etc., even when you are away from the iPhone.

Guidelines to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

Whether you have unboxed an Apple Watch or have a brand new iPhone, pairing up Apple Watch with iPhone is the most primarily. The procedure given below will help you out with the same.

Things you Need

  • Apple ID and its associated password
  • iPhone with internet access or connected to WiFi
  • Apple Watch and iPhone charged
  • Apple Watch passcode
  • Turn On Bluetooth and WiFi on watchOS and iPhone

Steps to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

(1) Initially, press and hold the side button below the Apple Watch’s digital crown.

(2) Wait for few minutes after you see Apple log on your watch.

(3) On the following screen, choose the language and region respectively.

(4) Now, hold your watchOS close enough to your iPhone.

(5) Check your iPhone for Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch notification. Once if you find, hit the Continue button.

  • If in case you don’t get the notification, launch the Apple Watch app and select the Start Pairing option to pair it manually.

(6) On your Apple Watch, click on Start Pairing option.

Start Pairing to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

(7) When watchOS shows an animation, you shall need to position your iPhone camera over the watch. Make sure the highlighted area appears on the viewfinder of your iPhone to connect iPhone and watchOS.

(8) Upon identifying, you will get Watch is paired alert on iPhone. Choose either of the options.

  • Select Restore from Backup when done with the backup process of your watch.
  • To pair a brand new watchOS, then tap on Set Up as New Apple Watch.
Setup or Restore Watch

(9) Choose the Wrist Preference by pressing Left or Right to see the screen orientation accordingly.

Select Wrist Preference to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

(10) Further, read the Terms and Conditions to press Agree button.

(11) Provide your iCloud account details and watchOS will log in automatically.

(12) On the Shared Settings screen, it shows the settings it uses with the iPhone. Press OK.

Shared Settings - Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

(13) The next screen will ask you to Install Available apps.

  • Choose Install All to download all watchOS compatible apps.
  • Otherwise select Choose Later to get apps later.
Install Apps

(14) On Apple Watch Passcode screen, select any of the options

  • Create a Passcode to create a passcode of 4-digit
  • Add a Long Passcode to set up a passcode of up to 8-digit length
  • Don’t Add Passcode to skip this process for now
Create Passcode to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

(15) On the following screens, choose to set up Apple Pay, Emergency SOS, Heart Health, cellular plan, etc.

(16) Allow Apple Watch to sync to complete pairing Watch with iPhone.

How to Resolve Apple Watch Stuck while Pairing?

In unfortunate cases, your watchOS might get stuck while performing pairing the process. This can be resolved with the steps given below:

(1) Press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button of the Apple Watch until it restarts.

(2) Gently release the fingers when restart begins.

(3) Select Reset option and watchOS will reset.

(4) You have to then pair it just by following the above procedure.

Pairing watchOS with iPhone doesn’t need any technical knowledge or following a manual. It is just as simple as using Apple Watch. Use the comments section to ask your queries or any issues about the same.